Review [Update May 2021] – The First Impression Let Me Down!

Is ordering a paper from Get Essay Today scam? Is GetEssayToday legit? A thorough review of the writing service with advantages and disadvantages.

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  • nice and attractive design
  • an online calculator
  • a loyalty program for return customers
  • high-quality customer support
  • free revision policy
  • moderate prices


  • no information about the company
  • no links to social media
  • complete lack of reviews

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The more writing services I review, the more demanding I become. I thoroughly study the history of the website, its pros, and cons, the presence of reviews, activity in social networks. Before you entrust your paper to someone, you need to learn as much as possible about the service. This time I am reviewing

The first impression of the site is very good. Thanks to the high-quality design of the pages, it is easy to navigate. Besides, it is not overloaded with text, which helps you immediately find the necessary information. To my regret, there is no information about the company and the authors. Moreover, there is no FAQ block, which is very useful. The visitor can use an online calculator that helps to calculate the approximate cost of the ready-made paper. There is also a separate “Pricing” tab, which shows the prices for each of the three types of services.

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There are 4 ways to contact customer support, one of which is an online chat. To make the order, you need to sign up or log in. The writing service has a Privacy Policy. Money-Back Guarantee and free revisions. Let’s take a closer look at the website!

General Information about Company

While studying the User Agreement, I found the Get Essay Today billing address. 

Get Essay Today company address
Get Essay Today company address

I have ascertained that this site is part of a group of writing services of one company. It also includes,,, 

The website was created in 2018, according to WayBack Machine.

Get Essay Today on WayBack Machine
Get Essay Today on WayBack Machine

However, the other source claims that Get Essay Today has been running for 7 years.

 Get Essay Today on Who.Is
 Get Essay Today on Who.Is

Below you can get acquainted with the domain history.

Get Essay Today on DomainTools
Get Essay Today on DomainTools

Pros and Cons


  • The website has a nice and attractive design. I appreciated the images and the colour scheme. The navigation is also rather clear. It is easy to find how to place an order.  
  • Customers can get the preliminary rates for paperwork before placing an order. The first thing you see when opening the GetEssayToday start page is an online calculator. It allows clients to find out the preliminary cost of work without registration, numerous questionnaires, and so on. 
  • When ordering a paper from GetEssayToday, you can save up to 15% off. The writing service offers a loyalty program for return customers. For example, if a client has 25-49 paid pages, he will receive a 5% discount for the next order. The detailed information can be found in the User Agreement. Customers can track their balance in the personal account after registration.
  • Your questions are solved immediately! I checked the work of the online chat. Manager Phil contacted me in 30 seconds. To contact customer service, you do not need to leave contact details, for example, email or phone number. All you have to do is to specify your name and the message itself. 
  • One of the advantages is the free Revision Policy. If there are any questions or minor edits, you can return your work to the writer within 10 days after submission. When ordering a paper from Get Essay Today you can be sure that all your suggestions will be taken into account. 
  • In addition to Revision Policy, the writing service offers Money-Back Policy as well. It means that any client can request a refund. Of course, the conditions listed in the agreement must be met.
  • Prices for services are moderate. On average, the cost of 1 page of an essay does not exceed $17. I can not say that this is the lowest price on the market. However, taking into account all the above advantages, such a pricing policy is quite justified.


  • To my surprise, I have not found any information about the company, the history of its founding, and the number of authors. I am used to the fact that most services try to tell as much as possible about themselves. After all, they always insert a block with information about their achievements on every page. And in this case, there is absolutely nothing! Not to mention the fact that the “About Us” tab, which is familiar to me, is missing.
  • There are no links to social media on the site. My searches on the vastness of Instagram and Twitter also did not lead to success. Unfortunately, I did not find their accounts. Now, during the boom of social networks, the lack of blogs and other posts is bad for the reputation. It is believed that if the site is popular, then it is necessary to maintain activity in social media.
  • The most important disadvantage is the complete lack of reviews. How is this possible? The writing service has been around for seven years, and none of the customers have ever decided to talk about their experience? Neither on the website itself nor third-party services, I did not find a single review. 

Types of Services

Unfortunately, the site does not have a separate tab dedicated to all existing services. I have reviewed so many websites that I am already used to having a list of available types of work to order. From the information on the online calculator, it becomes clear only that there are three types of services, namely:

  1. Writing;
  2. Editing;
  3. Proofreading.

Besides, a student can choose one of three types of work:

  1. Essay;
  2. Research paper;
  3. Dissertation.


The approximate cost of the paperwork can be found using the price list. So, one page of editing will cost you $11.70. One page of writing, in turn, will cost $17.55. The cheapest service is proofreading – from $9.94 per page. To calculate the approximate cost of your work, you can also use an online calculator. In addition to the type of work and service, you will need to specify:

  • Type of writing (Academic or Business);
  • Academic Level;
  • Deadline;
  • The number of pages.

By the way, as for deadlines. Authors can complete orders of any urgency, starting from three hours.  

Pricing on
Pricing on

The icing on the cake is a coupon for a 25% discount which you will receive after registration!

Discount coupon for the first order on Get Essay Today
Discount coupon for the first order on Get Essay Today

Quality and Support

You might think I am being too picky. But it is not just the bad that I notice! For example, I would like to praise the work of the customer support service. You can contact them using several communication methods:

  • By phone. According to the information on the website, they answer calls 24/7. Their phone number is +1 844 2228496.
 Phone number for contacting the customer service desk
 Phone number for contacting the customer service desk
  • By email. There are 3 different mailboxes:
  1. [email protected]. This mail is valid for all questions to the customer support team. 
  2. [email protected]. This mail is valid for questions devoted to the ordering process, current orders, or related issues.
  3. [email protected]. As you might have guessed, this mail is valid for all questions regarding payment. 
Three email addresses for communication
Three email addresses for communication
  • By dropping a line on the website. There is a special form where you can fill in your name, email, and department. After typing a message, you can click on the button with “Send” on it and then wait for the answer. 
 Feedback form on Get My Essay
 Feedback form on Get My Essay
  • By online chat. The customer support managers reply fast and can help you with any question!
Conversation with customer support on online chat
Conversation with customer support on online chat


The writing service provides Money-Back Guarantee for all customers. Moreover, it is valid for 60 days after the paper has been sent to the customer. You can find more information about getting a refund in the User Agreement.

Money-Back Policy on GetEssayToday com
Money-Back Policy on GetEssayToday com

Ordering Process

Another thing that confused me was the need to register before placing an order. During the reviews on the services, I got used to the fact that you need to leave your contact details at the end. Here, we are encouraged to fill in all the information at the very beginning. If you already have an account, you should log in.

First step of the ordering process
First step of the ordering process

The second step of the ordering process is devoted to key details of paperwork. The customers should choose:

  • The type of service (Writing, Editing, Proofreading, or Other);
  • The deadline (Date and Time);
  • Project Purpose (this is the same as academic level):
  1. High school;
  2. College (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior);
  3. Master’s;
  4. Ph.D.;
  5. Business (Standard or Premium).
  6. Project Type

At this stage, I found that the site offers help with writing a large number of papers. So, here you can order a speech, a SWOT analysis, and even a marketing plan! By scrolling the list, you can get acquainted with all services. 

Project types on Get Essay Today
Project types on Get Essay Today
  • Preferred Expert (Best available or By language proficiency).
Second step of the ordering process
Second step of the ordering process

On the third step, customers should specify the instructions for the author, including:

  • Project title;
  • Number of pages;
  • Line spacing;
  • Subject;
  • Formatting and citation style;
  • Number of sources;
  • Project details (You can both type them or upload them).
Third step of the ordering process
Third step of the ordering process

The fourth and the last step is a kind of summary. Here you can check all mentioned details. If anything is missed, you can easily go back to 1 or more steps to fix it. After the check, you can proceed to payment. By the way, do not forget to specify a promo code, if you have one.

Fourth step of the ordering process
Fourth step of the ordering process


To my astonishment, I could not find any Get Essay Today reviews. I checked both Trustpilot and Sitejabber, but in vain. No one has ever shared feedback on their services.

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As you can see, the total score of this writing service is 0. 

Get Essay Today review on Trustpilot
Get Essay Today review on Trustpilot


The same situation we observe on Sitejabber. Thus, the writing service has no score.

Get Essay Today review on Sitejabber
Get Essay Today review on Sitejabber

Sometimes it is possible to leave feedback on services directly on the website. I thoroughly check all GetEssayToday com pages. On the main page, there is an uplifting anonymous review that praises GetEssayToday. It also says that the authors have helped more than 50,000 students. You know that such words need to be backed up with something. In this case, they did not convince me.

 Anonymous review from starting page
 Anonymous review from starting page

Social Media

There are no links to social media. I also did not find any accounts on social media. The writing service was not mentioned on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. 


The first impression let me down a little. At the very beginning, I liked the user-friendly site. It seemed to me that an online calculator and a price list would give anyone a head start. To my regret, this was not enough. There is no information about GetEssayToday writers and the history of the company on the site. When ordering a paper, it is necessary to make sure that the authors are sufficiently qualified. Also, I always pay attention to the presence of the FAQ block. Through it, you can easily find the missing information. Unfortunately, Get Essay Today does not have it. 

You can order various types of work. The full list of services is available during the order. By the way, as for the order formation process. First of all, you need to register on the site. Only then you will be able to continue. Prices for services are moderate, but the site offers a 25% discount on the first order. Besides, there is a loyalty program for return customers. With it, you can save up to 15% off. All clients are protected by the Privacy Policy and 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. If you want to read the feedback from other customers, then you will not succeed. There are no GetEssayToday reviews and links to social media. 

After a detailed review, I could not formulate a clear opinion. The writing service has its strengths and weaknesses, so I can not call the site either the best or the worst. I will put Get Essay Today on the middle of my top.  

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