About Me

Essays Advisor for You: Bust away all those essay scams!

Hello there! 

Wondering why I started an essay review service? Thinking if you can even trust the reviews?

My name is William Grabe. I have been an active member of a once-popular forum https://essayscam.org/forum/ until it turned spam in 2016.

Let me tell you a few words about myself. 

I have been associated for a long time with forums and review services that expose scam essay services. People who know me can tell you how excited I get when I smell something fishy – especially when it comes to a scam service!

I have worked on many investigations and uncovered many Ukrainian and Pakistani scam essay services. Slowly, I started to derive pleasure out of the process!

And now, it’s become a full-fledged hobby.

Why do I bust scam essay services?

I will be completely honest with you here! 

I always hated doing essays and those dreaded term papers in high school. Unfortunately, there was no way to bypass them! 

I slogged for hours that I could have spent watching a movie or chilling with my friends. 

What frustrated me, even more, was the total uselessness of these projects. 

Why do you need to justify the effectiveness of a poem’s title? How could writing 500 words on a toad’s reproductive system help me in the future? I was not even dreaming of being a biologist!

I thought I would get some relief once I was college. But boy, I was never mistaken so much!

The number of essays not only increased, but tons of research papers, presentations, lab reports, and other assignments started to pile up! 

I was buried totally underneath the workload. And all of these when I just started dating the girl of my dreams! 

I literally had to cancel dates just to work on my projects.

My desperation knew no bounds, and one day, I just typed “can someone write my essay for me” in Google. Little did I know that there are so many essay services waiting for your order!

I was spoilt with choices!

I found in front of me countless websites that promised to sell A+ essays. Like a fool, I placed my order, but never got my essay.

I thought this might be an exception, and I came across a bad company. However, I was totally wrong!

Most services I used were poor, sent plagiarized content, or just ran off with my money. Then I decided I had to put an end to this.

Scammers can’t just keep robbing students in and out. That’s exactly when I took the decision to bring down scam essay services.

Busting scam essay services for years

For years, I have been assessing essay services. I send actual orders to test various aspects of an essay service, like-

  • Quality
  • Originality
  • Expertise of writers
  • Delivery time
  • Charges
  • Commitment

My objective is obviously to help you guys out with the best services that provide original work. I make actual investigations, research service, and place orders to determine its credibility. 

Only then I add any essay service on my website. 

Many people ask me why I do this.

Well, to be honest, I do get a kick out of exposing scammers! I feel this adrenaline rush and extreme joy when I prove something with evidence. And now, it has turned into an addiction.

Of course, I also want to make sure students don’t waste their time or money on fraudulent services. They also risk their careers as many of these essay sites send back data to your universities. 

I want to help students make the right choice. I don’t want anyone of you to lose money or miss your submission date. That’s why each review on my site is a full investigation and totally unbiased.

Also, I don’t sell advertising space or my opinion. You can always trust me like your friend. 

Don’t hesitate to shoot your questions if you got any! I’m here to resolve all your queries and guide you on the right path towards a successful career.

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