Review [Updated June 2024] – An Auction of Unprecedented Generosity or Not?

Are you tired of custom essay writing services with fixed prices? Do you want to choose a price and a writer yourself? In this article, you can find a detailed review of Bid4Papers, a writing service powered by a bidding system.

  • Price:
  • Quality:
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  • possible to choose a writer and to discuss the paper
  • clear Refund, Privacy, and Confidentiality Policies
  • true information about the company
  • fairy reviews on SiteJabber
  • FAQ section


  • the absence of online chat
  • no samples of completed papers
  • a few types of services available
  • abandoned accounts on social media

Starting price

From 13.5$ / page


Every time in my reviews, I encourage students to learn how to delegate. In fact, that’s a fairly popular topic for discussion. Why do people easily entrust household tasks to specialists but cannot do the same in the case of essay writing? Can’t fix the window yourself? Call the contractor. Did your car break down? Take it to the car-care center. Can’t write an essay yourself? Order it from professionals! Now it is very easy to find a company that suits every taste and budget. What’s more, you can rely on people like me who will help you make a choice. 

Recently, I was invited for a short interview by an Internet publication. Its representatives asked me a couple of questions about my work experience and how I came to write reviews. It was interesting to look back and remember all the mistakes I made. In an interview, I called them `rookie mistakes`. I trusted the wrong people and paid hundreds of dollars for plagiarised essays from the Internet. Once I didn’t sleep all night before the submission because I was rewriting an entire chapter of a research paper! But I am grateful that everything turned out that way. I share my experience and help students not to make the same mistakes. Don’t you think I’m getting carried away with philosophizing? Let’s get down to business. About a month ago, my colleague told me about writing services based on the auction system. In particular, he spoke about I got curious to learn more about it, so I conducted my mini-investigation. It’s high time I shared the results! start page start page


Nowadays, there is a rush for software that helps you easily create the website layout. The brightest example on the market is WordPress. Since these platforms share the same set of templates, the sites are like two peas in a pod. More and more often, I catch myself thinking that sometimes I confuse them with each other! And before you ask, I still like the Bid4Papers design. 

 Bid4Papers com was founded in 2014
 Bid4Papers com was founded in 2014

The website states that the company has been helping students with essays for more than seven years. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t verify this information through Web.Archive. Well, the data is correct!

Bid4Papers com on Web.Archive
Bid4Papers com on Web.Archive

To give a complete picture, I found the original Bid4Papers start page.

Bid4Papers com start page in 2014
Bid4Papers com start page in 2014

I decided to dig deeper and collect more information about Bid4Papers. According to Terms & Conditions, it belongs to FrogProg Limited, a company headquartered in Cyprus. Its name looked familiar to me as if I’d already met it in my reviews. And I really had! Founded in 2010, FrogProg Limited owns and operates several writing services such as Essay Shark and Write My Essays Online. 

The writing service is operated by FrogProg Limited
The writing service is operated by FrogProg Limited

Pros and Cons


  • On the list of pros, it is first of all worth mentioning the auction system. No more boring price lists and dreams of a 50% promo code! Be the one who decides how much your paper costs, who to write it, and when to receive it. Place your order and wait till the authors start bidding for it. If you have a controversial issue, start an online chat with the candidate. 
  • With Bid 4 Papers, you are safe and sound from scammers. The company offers clear Refund, Privacy, and Confidentiality Policies. However, I do recommend you spend a couple of hours reading them. Prepare the list of questions and forward them to the customer support team (if there are any of them). Thus, you will eliminate all possible issues with your order.
  • This essay writing service has not only honestly worked out its legal side but also history. I mean, you won’t find fairy tales about 40 years of operation and millions of customers. Since 2014, Bid 4 Papers has completed approximately 14,000 orders. 
  • Although there are only 66 reviews on Sitejabber, they all have a fairly high rating. As long as the client is satisfied, I’m satisfied!
  • All students have a thousand and one things to ask customer support service. However, sometimes there is no need to write emails and then wait for the reply. Are the authors native English speakers? Does Bid4Papers provide free revisions? What are the payment options? You can find answers to these and other questions in the FAQ section.

At first, I thought that the list of pros would be much longer than the one of cons. I’ve never been so wrong! 


  • While we’re on the subject of customer support, it’s worth noting the absence of online chat or something like that. All you’ve got is a good old email address. That could be a problem for those who have an urgent issue to be sorted out. 
  • On the site, there are no samples of completed papers. Against the backdrop of competitors offering entire libraries of materials, Bid4Papers looks pathetic. I don’t want to sound like a snob, but it’s true!
  • What’s more, there are a few types of services available. Again, while competitors offer writing, editing, and proofreading, Bid4Papers decided to stop at the first one. 
  • On top of that, there is a problem with social networks. The accounts on Twitter and YouTube are absolutely abandoned! No posts, no links, no memes – I wash my hands of it!

Types of Services

Once in a blue moon do I see as short a list of available services as that one.

Services available for ordering
Services available for ordering

On Bid 4 Papers staff, no one can handle either proofreading or editing. If you seek academic writing, then you are in luck! The company offers the most popular types of student papers, such as an essay, bibliography, case study, research paper, and thesis. 

Types of paper
Types of paper


Bid4Papers is an essay writing service powered by an auction system. As soon as you place your order, writers start bidding for your order. Your task is to look through the list of candidates and choose the one with the sweetest offer.

Choose Escape The Night GIF by Rosanna Pansino

A distinctive feature of the bidding system is that it won’t give you an idea about the company’s pricing policy. Since each author evaluates his labor costs independently, it can vary greatly. On, you can find an example of what criteria the authors rely on when offering their prices. 

Pricing on
Pricing on

If you count on discounts or any freebies, then I am here to disappoint you. Again, due to the bidding system, managers cannot even implement a referral program or something like that.

Customer Support

I must admit that the Bid4Papers customer support service is its Achilles heel (sorry for my Greek). Neither can you call managers nor drop them a message in the online chat. All you’ve got is an email address. 

How to contact the customer support team
How to contact the customer support team

Despite the old-school method of communication, managers reply fast enough.

Quality of Service

Even if there are no grammatical or lexical mistakes in the essay, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the service is high. For me, important indicators are the guarantees and samples of work provided. Moreover, I love it when sites publish photos of their team with short bios. This way, you can get to know the authors better and make it easier for yourself to choose a suitable candidate. Anyway, let’s bring this conversation back to Bid4Papers. 

On the site, you can look through the list of the top 50 writers. Even though there are no photos (I guess it’s a matter of privacy), you get their rating. What’s more, you can see whether the author is online, away, or offline.

The list of Bid4Papers writers
The list of Bid4Papers writers

Are you ready for more? You get access to the number of completed / in-progress / canceled orders with detailed feedback from customers. Ace! Find out a theme, the number of pages, delivery date, and customers’ feedback.

Detailed profile of the writer
Detailed profile of the writer

On, you can find Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and Confidentiality Policy. If I have no questions about the last two documents, the first one does make me wonder. Usually, competitors publish the detailed terms and conditions of a possible refund. In our case, there are no accurate figures.

Refund Policy
Refund Policy

I got good news for those who are bothered with data privacy. You can ask managers to erase your personal information anytime. As soon as you get the desired result, disappear from the Bid4Papers database and sleep well!

The right to erasure
The right to erasure

There was also something that upset me. Thus, the site doesn’t present samples of the authors’ works. You cannot evaluate the writer’s style, the grammatical constructions he uses, nothing!

How to Place an Order

Before placing an order, customers have to fill in the registration form. 

Those who already have an account on can log in and continue the order process.

As soon as you complete the task, you proceed to the next stage. Here, customers have to provide detailed instructions on the paper and specify:

  • type of paper
  • topic
  • the number of pages
  • deadline
  • discipline
  • type of service
  • academic level
  • format

As soon as your request is ready, it becomes visible for the pull of writers. That is where they start to bid for your paper. All you have to do is choose your fighter! 

To get a clear picture, start a chat with the preferred author and discuss your essay. When you find your perfect match, you reserve money and monitor the process of writing in your account.


Sharing your impressions of ordering paper from a writing service is not that hard. I always ask my followers to leave either positive or negative feedback on a company. Keep in mind that a couple of minutes of your precious time can help others save money!

Mission Accomplished Success GIF by THE NEXT STEP

In the case of Bid4Papers, there is an average number of reviews on third-party websites. However, for a company that has been present on the market for seven years, it is still not enough. For those who don’t want to study Sitejabber or Trustpilot, there are reviews on

Latest reviews published on the site
Latest reviews published on the site


On Sitejabber, this essay writing service has a consumer rating of 4.81 stars. That’s a good result! In total, there are 66 reviews, with only 3 of them negative (1 or 2 stars).

I appreciate it when customer support keeps an eye on feedback and replies to satisfied or unsatisfied customers.


To my regret, I couldn’t read feedback on Trustpilot. The access is denied. 

Bid4Papers com on Trustpilot
Bid4Papers com on Trustpilot

Social Media 

Bid 4 Papers has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The latter is not popular with students as it has only 937 followers and six videos. Its Twitter account is also abandoned. The last post there is dated Feb 2019. 

Bid4Papers account on Twitter
Bid4Papers account on Twitter

I guess that managers hurled all their effort into Facebook. Several times a week, they post links on educational articles and hilarious memes that made me laugh out loud.

Bid4Papers post on Facebook


Did I like Bid 4 Papers? To be honest, the idea of the service is awesome! If you are tired of the endless pursuit of discount coupons, then this site is just for you. Here, you won’t find any special offers and referral programs since the price for your order is determined by the authors. Hence, it is in your hands to decide who is overcharging and who is offering a really good deal. You can discuss all the order details in a personal online chat. With Bid4Papers, you can be sure that your data won’t leak to scammers. This writing service has well-developed Privacy and Confidentiality Policies. If you suddenly have any problems, you can write an email to the support service. Yes, I said `an email`. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to communicate, like a call or an online chat. You can try to drop them a message on social networks, but it’s unlikely that you will succeed. The accounts have been abandoned for a long time. In general, this writing service is mediocre. If you want to try something different from the standard, then it’s definitely worth it.

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.

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