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Is GetNursingEssay legit? Is ordering paperwork from the Get Nursing Essay scam? Detailed Get Nursing Essay review.

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  • nice and convenient interface
  • a description of experts with photos
  • true positive reviews
  • lots of additional services
  • quick form of order
  • moderate pricing policy
  • the presence of the FAQ block


  • the lack of guarantees

Starting price

From 10$ / page


Despite the growth in the number of writing services, it is still not easy to find a truly high-quality and reliable website. I understand how much time it takes to search for information, read reviews, and calculate the approximate cost of work. In order to save your time, I decided to devote myself to site analysis. Each time I carefully study every detail, order the work and thoroughly describe the result. This time my review is dedicated to  


According to Who.Is, GetNursingEssay occured in the end of APR 2020 in Denver. Many sites need at least a year to take their place in the market of competitors. Sometimes this fails and new services are simply lost. Most often, they lose because of the poor quality of services provided, non-compliance with deadlines or fraud. In the case of Get Nursing Essay, the short period of existence does not affect the services provided at all. 

Get Nursing Essay on Who.Is
Get Nursing Essay on Who.Is

Pros and Cons


  • Nice and convenient interface plays a critical role in making a good impression. People tend to instantly close the pages of those websites that they do not like. Sometimes it may be even colours which cause rejection. In this particular case I enjoyed navigating through the pages of the site. The colour scheme is quite pleasant to the eye. Besides, I enjoyed a short video from their Youtube channel at the main page. The animation is adorable! 
  • It has been a while since I have seen a description of experts with photos. Usually you observe their names and surnames, and that is it. This writing service went even further! On the main page you can get acquainted with GetNursingEssay writers by looking at their photos. 
  • I can spend hours talking about the importance of feedback. Get Nursing Essay reviews are positive, although the website exists for less than a year. It is important that these reviews are posted not only on the site itself, but also on third-party services like Sitejabber and TrustPilot. 
  • In my point of view, you should never cheap out on such additional services as plagiarism reports or editor’s check. GetNursingEssay offers a great variety of extra options on the order stage. 
  • You may choose between quick form of order and the extended one. The extended form may be useful for university students or PhDs. 
  • The website’s pricing policy is moderate. Price for an essay with a standard 2-week deadline is cheap, which is a huge plus for college students with lack of money. I keep telling you that the writing services can and must be affordable. 
  • The last point here to indicate is the presence of the FAQ block. This block is available on the main page and consists of general questions about the service. Furthermore, you can find answers to the most popular questions about each service separately. 


As an objective observer, I always try to find something to complain about. In each of my reviews, I try to pay attention to every aspect of the writing service to provide you with a complete picture. This time, I found only one drawback, namely –  the lack of guarantees. To my regret, I did not find any information concerning this tricky point.

Types of Services

You can see the list of services provided on the website by clicking the “Services” button.

Types of services on GetNursingEssay
Types of services on GetNursingEssay

Furthermore, in the “Order” section you can see a more extended version of the list. So, CheapPaperWriting com helps in writing CV, dissertation chapter, movie review and so on. Do not worry, here you can also order usual coursework, homework and thesis! When I studied the list, an interesting feature caught my eye, namely – online lecture to summary for order.

Online lecture to summary for order
Online lecture to summary for order

Customer Reviews

I am keen on reading feedback. And now I am talking not only about reviews on writing services, but also on some products, films, productions. People’s opinions are often underestimated. But it is thanks to their reviews that the product becomes either popular or completely fails in sales. 

Now every product or service has a large number of competitors in the market. In this regard, people began to give preference to those who already have good reviews on the Internet (preferably in a large number). The same applies in particular to writing services. 

Firstly, I checked the reviews that were published on GetNursingEssay com main page. 

Customer reviews on GetNursingEssay main page
Customer reviews on GetNursingEssay main page

I tend to believe in the veracity of these reviews. All of them are written by real people whose first and last names are listed on the site. Many sites like to post fake customer reviews. But most often they assign them numbers instead of names. In addition, they try to avoid any reliable information, so they do not even indicate the city/country of the customer. In our case, we even know that Sara Parker ordered a nursing essay from Los Angeles!

Parks And Recreation Reaction GIF

Of course, we will pay special attention to the reviews on my favorite websites – Sitejabber and TrustPilot. 


Firstly, I would like to point out that the presence of 4 reviews is already a good sign. The website exists for several months, but has already earned praise from customers. Actually, I thought that there would be no reviews because of a short operation period. It’s been a long time since I have been so wrong! 

The top advantages of this service according to reviews are

  • affordable rates;
  • free revisions;
  • good writing structure.


It is getting better! GetNursingEssay has 4.3 stars on TrustPilot and 7 reviews. Incredibly, but all reviews give it the highest rating.

I thoroughly checked all the feedback. I compiled a short list of the main advantages according to the users version:

  • short term of performance;
  • compliance with instructions; 
  • low rates;
  • high-quality paperwork.


Most of the clients emphasized the affordability of prices. First of all, I would like to praise the developers for creating a separate pricing page. Sometimes you have limited time to search for a service and order work, so the price list helps out. Of course, almost every website has an online calculator where you can find out the exact cost. But sometimes there isn’t even time for that. There are situations when you only want to know approximately the price range. 

According to price list, the final rate depends on 3 things:

  1. Type of service;
  2. Deadline;
  3. Academic level. 
Price list on Get Nursing Essay
Price list on Get Nursing Essay

If you need a more detailed price, you can click on a turquoise button with “Order” on it. 

Prices available on the order stage
Prices available on the order stage 

To calculate the final rate for your work, you need to specify:

  • Academic level;
  • Type of Paper;
  • Volume of work in words or pages;
  • Final deadline.

Besides, you may add extra services. The more you choose, the higher the final cost will be. 


As you may remember, I always order paperwork from writing services to check the veracity of reviews. This time I ordered an essay with plagiarism report and editor’s check. I have been dying to receive it and check for grammar, word-order and spelling mistakes. In addition, I wanted to make sure that my work was really written from scratch. I must admit the result did not disappoint me. On the contrary, I was absolutely delighted! I received a good essay which fully corresponds to the ideas I had on the topic. Moreover, it contains accurate numbers and reliable references. Despite the fact that the essay was accompanied by an anti-plagiarism report, I conducted my own test. And the essay successfully passed it. Thus, I mean every word of the reviews of satisfied customers. 

win GIF

Customer Support

You can contact Get Nursing Essay customer support by filling in a feedback form. You need to mention your name, email address and your question. 

Feedback form on GetNursingEssay
Feedback form on GetNursingEssay

They work very quickly, so you do not have to wait all day to get a response from them. In addition, when placing an order, you are given the opportunity to contact your author at any time. This option allows you to stay in contact with the performer and track the pace of writing the work. In addition, you can also directly share new thoughts, comments, or requirements with him/her. Even if you do not need it, it is always pleasant to know about the availability of the opportunity itself. 

Payment Methods

The website accepts payment both by credit card and via paypal. I consider this payment scheme mandatory for all writing services. 

Types of payment on GetNursingEssay com
Types of payment on GetNursingEssay com


As I have already mentioned in cons, I could not find any information concerning the website’s guarantees. I was able to review Privacy Policy, but that is it. I wanted to find a written confirmation that in case of need, the customer has the right to return the work for revision or receive a refund. To my regret, there is no such document neither on the main page nor on the other tabs.

How to Make an Order

The process of order consists of 4 steps. After clicking the “Order” button, a special form will open for you to fill in. First of all, you have to choose the academic level, the type of paper, its volume and the deadline. 

First step of making an order
First step of making an order

After that you should provide more detailed information about the paperwork you need. On the second stage you will face a choice between filling in a quick or an extended form. 

Quick form and extended form on Get Nursing Essay
Quick form and extended form on Get Nursing Essay

Let me first describe the content of a quick form. You need to specify your topic and write a short description of your paperwork with at least 3 words. You may also upload instructions instead of writing them. Then you have to choose the writer’s category. GetNursingEssay writers are divided into 3 groups – basic, advanced and top. Looking ahead, when you fill in the extended form, you will be given exactly the same choice.

Furthermore, if you have already worked with a specific writer, you may input his ID and choose him again. 

Categories of GetNursingEssay writers
Categories of GetNursingEssay writers

The service also has two service packages – Standard and VIP. The latter includes free plagiarism report, mobile phone notifications, and extended revision period. 

Service levels on Get Nursing Essay com
Service levels on Get Nursing Essay com

To improve the quality of your paperwork, you may add extra services from the list.

 List of additional services in a quick form
 List of additional services in a quick form

I found the plagiarism report and the editor’s check the most interesting. That is the reason why I added these two to my essay. 

On the third step you should sign up or log in and choose your payment method. 

Third step of making an order on Get Nursing Essay
Third step of making an order on Get Nursing Essay

On the fourth step you will be redirected to the “Order in progress” page. 

As promised, now I will briefly tell you about the extended order form. Here you may choose the number of sources, PowerPoint slides and charts. The final rate will vary depending on its particular quantity. 

Specify the number of sources, PowerPoint slides and Charts
Specify the number of sources, PowerPoint slides and Charts

In the extended form you may also choose a paper format: MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabianm Harvard or Other. 

Paper format in the extended form
Paper format in the extended form

You can also add one of the listed services:

Additional services in the extended form
Additional services in the extended form

Loyalty Program

GetNursingEssay is not included in the list of those websites which offer discount cards or loyalty programs. I hope that the management will develop this direction. With this potential, Get Nursing Essay can attract even more customers. However, it seems to me that some work is already being done at the moment. In the block with the final cost of the work, there is a special field for the promo code. Who knows, maybe soon we will be able to save even more money?


For a website that has been around for less than a year, this is a great success. This service has excellent reviews, which indicates the high quality of the ready-made  paperworks. The team of authors will readily accept even a task that takes only three hours to complete. The possibility of free completion of the work, as well as communication with the author are certainly advantages. I am joining a group of satisfied GetNursingEssay customers and recommend this writing service. 

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.

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