Review [Update June 2024] – It Might Have Been Worse? is quite a controversial writing service. The company makes a lot of promises, but are all of them true? Is it a reliable service, where you get quality papers for your money? Check out my review below to see all the ins and outs.

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Starting price

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Essayhave was founded in the year 2008. The company majors in academic writing and research paper writing.  Majorly, the company specializes in academic writing from the high school level to the graduate level.  As stated on the website, the company has been existing for the last 11 years. In case we check on their website, we see that the site was formed in 2014, so the big question is, how true is it that the company has been existing for the last 11 years? How true is it that they have not been delivering their services for only six years?  

How the site looks today.

My first impression of the website was classic – a site with a pool of expert writers. The site looks entirely professional for me, apart from the hype expressed. The company does not have a mobile application that could ease the burden for the users. Most of its competitors do own a mobile application to create leads.  The company specializes in helping students with assignments and academic papers. 

The company emphasizes on its strong foundations on quality and speed. According to their website, they have expert writers that work round the clock to provide quality essays on time. However, I don’t find this an excellent reason to overhype the prices. The company puts it clear that high pricing is the best guarantee. The big question is, is it? It would make me a laughing stock, paying a fortune for a beggar’s treat. Maybe they deliver on their word; perhaps they don’t. But is the hype essential? The company has an apparent pricing table. Their pricing starts as low as $15 to $63 per page, depending on the level of education and the urgency of the work. Below is the pricing table from the site. 

Price table

The company aims at satisfying the clients at all costs. In this bid, the company guarantees the clients to request for a refund in case anything goes wrong at any stage of the project—this sounds cool considering the high costs charged. In the case of a shoddy job or the client is not satisfied with the work done, the company gives the client permission to ask for a refund. This now totally makes a little sense for me. The client refund explains why their overpriced charges. But digging more, I went to find the process of a refund. This broke my heart. Quality refunds are reviewed within a fortnight. That means that if I feel that the paper was not according to my standards, I have to wait for a fortnight to get my refund. That is ironic. That adds to my budget if I want the paper redone elsewhere. In my view, that’s unfair.  Below is an illustration of the crazy guarantees. Guarantees


Sometime back in January, a friend of mine had several assignments that were due in a matter of three days. He came to me for help, but I was too busy working, so I referred him to three writing sites online. Essayhave was the first one. Later that day, he came so mad at me for referring him to this premium site. I hate cons and scams. I did quite a lot of reviews, and have uncovered many scams in the past. So, I couldn’t pass by EssayHave now. I went on to do some research and find reviews about the services offered. The results were pretty much bad, nothing close to what I expected.

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Pros and Cons



The company thrives in speed. The company emphasizes on the expertise of its writers and their ability to deliver the work before the deadline. This allows for revisions and reviewing the work before submitting it. 


The company allows the client to request a refund if their terms are not met. In case of other issues apart from quality issues, the company takes 3-4 business days to process the refund. For quality complaints and grievances, the company takes 14 business days to review and process the refund. 

Plagiarism-free papers

The company ensures that they provide original services that are free from any form of plagiarism. This allows the student to submit the work with full confidence and vigor.


Poor Quality

The company is known for its poor work quality. From the reviews from customers, I can confidently assert that the company produces poor quality papers.


Unlike most of the writing companies, Essayhave has abnormally expensive services. It will be a waste of money to pay a very high price for a job that can be done at a lower price. The quest to produce quality papers should not give them the concession to be expensive.

Types of Services 

I was pretty much thrilled with Essayhave’s versatility. They render services to students from high school to university at the Ph.D. level. They also offer help to law students. They make the interface easier by using a drop-down button to help one find the service they need. Below is a list of services offered. 

  • Progressive Delivery
  • Essay Writing Service
  • Write My Essay For Me
  • Custom Writing
  • Research Paper Writing Service
  • Math Homework Help
  • Do My Homework
  • Write My Research Paper
  • Thesis
  • Pay For Essay
  • Essays For Sale
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Customer reviews

How legit are the services of the company? When tossing a coin, it is necessary to accept that you can have either the head or the tail. Similarly, I went searching for feedback from clients, both positive and negative. I must review from both sides. However, looking at the reviews I got, Essayhave has got more critics than praises.  

On awriter, I could not find even one single positive feedback. On Site Jabber, I found two positive feedbacks with critics outnumbering the good. It is ironic how a company founded on the foundations of quality and speed would get a complaint on both merits. Notably, most of the clients are complaining about the quality of the services, cost, and deadlines. This is contrary to their highlighted services on the website. One of the reviews that piqued my attention was one that the client was asking why sites like Essayhave exist. This is a desperate call from a disappointed and unsatisfied customer. 

The company has impoverished writers who notably are not native. This has mostly contributed to the poor quality of the services offered. Another awful review was regarding the deadline. It is so disappointing that the company delays a client’s work as their poor writers embark on their minimal if not no revisions at all. I’m confident that for every disappointed client Essayhave produces, arises a network of five more people against the company. Like the olden days, word of mouth recommendations can credit or discredit a brand very fast. In my case, I did not have a nasty experience with the company. My friend did, but either way, I was affected. This is the most critical lesson the company ought to learn; a satisfied customer always comes back, but a disappointed customer discourages five more. That’s business.

Prices pricetable

Essayhave is a high priced company. It charges from as low as $15/page for a high school paper that is due in 14 days to $63/page for a graduate paper due in 4 hours. Several factors contribute to the price of the service. These include; the deadline for the work, the level of education, and the number of pages. A page is counted as a total sum of 275 words. Depending on all these factors, which one can hover around to what they want, the calculator generates the price of the service. The interface allows the user to select the currency they wish to use(GDP, USD, CNY). In addition to the services requested, they add a bonus of title page and bibliography, editing and proofreading of your paper, plagiarism-free paper, and revisions.


Revision policy
“writers in more than 50 disciplines”

The company claims to have the most experienced writers in more than 50 disciplines with tons of skills to provide the needed services. It also claims to provide quality work that is delivered in time for all the clients. On revisions, the company gives a guarantee of unlimited revisions to satisfy the needs of the client. However, the truth is quite the contrary. Most of the clients take it to social media and other sites to complain about the incompetence of the company’s writers. 

The company employs poor writers that do not have the necessary skills. Some have complained that there are no revisions done, and if there are any, minimal changes are done on the lousy transcript. The company has been accused, on many occasions delaying the services and surpassing the deadline. This is so irritating on the side of the client.  The company’s services are poor and need to be improved ASAP.

Customer support

Essayhave has one of the most pathetic if not the worst customer support I have ever come across. A service characterized by an unresponsive button that creates an error message for newbies. I tried starting an online chat with support with no success. The page displays an error message requiring me to provide a ticket number. What ticket number? I’m just new to the site and want to create a rapport with the customer service only to be left disappointed. This is not one of the site’s incompetence. The incompetence goes further to the way they deliver their services, not following the client’s instructions, slow processing of refunds, time-consuming revisions, and late submission of work. These are just but a few of the many clogs in the customer service of the company. Consequently, this has caused a negative social perception among anyone who has interacted with the site. They may have many leads, but most times, these leads do not convert. 

The company claims to have a 24/7 response team for their clients anytime they need them. I’m not sure of their support’s dedication to serving their customers. Or if they do, maybe just to their trusted customers only. The company has its contacts on the website. That includes their phone number and email. But what is the purpose of having all these details when they cannot respond to just a simple online chat? I bet my phone would go unanswered, or my email spammed—no doubts about that.

Communication methods

Payment methods

Payment methods

Essayhave uses three methods of payment; Credit cards, Discover Card, and American express. It is easier to use Discover cards as they have no annual fees imposed on them. The use of cards enhances tracking of all payments done, and this is an advantage for the company. This is a more convenient method of payment as compared to others as it is pretty fast.



The company guarantees to deliver plagiarism-free work for all their clients. That sounds kind of assuring, but check out their customer feedback. Clients beef about the plagiarised works.  Oh blarg. Now that’s an E if not an F in that course. The company guarantees the refund of one’s money in the event of a misunderstanding. If a client decides to cancel the order before commencement, they are totally cool with that. They promise a 100% refund. If the order is in progress, the drill gets worse. The client is only entitled to a percentage of the money, depending on the progress of the work. That’s awful, right? For lateness refunds, it’s a total mess. If for one reason or another, the paper is delivered past the deadline, and the client does not approve of the article, they are entitled to a full refund. What sucks is the processing of the reimbursement. An entire fortnight thing is just crap. Why would they take 14 days to do my refund for shoddy work? 

Cancellation policy

How to make an order

Making an order entails giving all the necessary information about the terms of service, setting all the standards of the paper, clearly defining the deadline, and adding any additional information that is necessary. 

The site gives the client an option to choose whether they want help with additional services. For a native paper content, a 30% extra fee is charged. The company charges an extra 20% for a smart paper and several other services. 

The payment form requires customer detail; the email address, password, name, and phone number as well as the card details.  

The process of ordering is reasonably conventional and convenient, but the extra services being offered is what is a scam. Why should aye order if at all I don’t want a smart paper? Why would I pay more to get a top-notch quality paper? Is that not what I signed up for?

Loyalty program

Discount Code example

Essayhave has only a 20% coupon discount. For one to have the cut, they require the discount code. Crazy, right? These discounts are just occasional and have an expiry date. The company has a poor loyalty program system that cannot support the retainment of customers. Instead of imposing extra charges for a quality paper, the company ought to employ an enticement program to retain the customers and convert more leads.


There are three qualities any student would vouch for their assignment writing are quality, originality, and timely submission. If you’re on a quest to repeat the course, I’d highly recommend Essayhave. The consistent poor quality of papers by the writers is evident in most of the customer feedback. Poor customer service to the customers is in the core values of the company. The late submission of work by some of their writers is a critical marketing skill for the company. What I’m saying, in a nutshell, is that I would not recommend anyone who is looking to get quality papers delivered on time. The company cannot live to its words and promises to the clients, and at least if it does, it does it very poorly. The website looks like a piece of snack, but the results are a piece of rotten pizza. Save your money and time on a more reliable writing service.

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