Review [Update June 2024] – All that Glitters is Not Gold, and Vice Versa! claims to have native English-speaking writers that’ll write top-quality papers for you. Hmm… Is it really so? Check out my review below to figure out this and other insights about the company.

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  • Good customer service
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  • No mobile application
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Starting price

From 17.64$ / page


Essay Mama claims to have been in existence for more than a decade. However, evidence shows that its website has been online since 2013. Perhaps, it’s a marketing strategy so that they can gain the customers’ confidence? Unfortunately, Essay Mama does not have a mobile application. Also, the company has specialized in essay writing for students in the UK market. Essay Mama boasts of a talented pool of writers who are experts in their fields. They charge  €17.64 per page/275 words.

My first impression of the site was that it used an “old school” photo of a young beautiful lady. Also, it means that the website has a long history. However, seven years is not a very long time. I felt that the picture of a lady meant that they would give you a lot of attention, like a mom? The blend of colors targets not only the older generation but also young students.

Main page

The company is called Essay Mama because of maternal attributes. A good mom ensures that her child gets the best in life and she is an amazing caregiver. Essay Mama is eager to offer you the level of service and care that a mother would give her child. They target people who may not have the best grasp of a subject, are too busy with other assignments, or too stressed to write an A+ paper at the moment. It is a top-rated company with clients globally. The company achieves its objectives through a series of steps outlined below:

  • A caring approach

Essay Mama believes that each and every customer is the foundation of their success. When a customer gets good grades, the company is delighted.

  • Using professional and experienced essay writers

Essay Mama believes that they have assembled one of the most talented essay writers in the industry. Some of the writers hold Ph.D.’s and Master’s degrees. The essay writers are experts in academic writing and in their fields of study. 

  • 100% custom essay writing

The company ensures that they only produce original and customized papers. Some companies in the industry resell plagiarised and old papers to their clients. They claim that each paper is written from scratch according to the customer’s exact specifications and instructions.

  • Big savings

Although Essay Mama does not sell the cheapest essays, they believe that they provide the best value and best deals. 


There are many websites that claim to have UK based writers and Essay Mama is one of them. I found out about the site from a friend. She claimed that they have good customer support that was always available. Also, she believed that they have quality and original papers. I asked her to send me the paper she had paid for. She had requested the paper to be written by a native English speaker but I noticed some grammatical errors which made it obvious that it may not have been written by a native English speaker. I find it unethical for a company to lie that it only uses native English speakers.

Well, without further ado let’s take a look at all the ins and outs of EssayMama!

Pros and cons


  • The customer service is readily available 24/7. They even call clients to clarify issues. Good customer service is one of the key attributes of a successful company.
  • Some companies charge more than $40 per page/275 words. $19.99 per page was fair for standard quality. 


  • A good essay writing company should also consider the fact that there are people who spend more time on their tablets and smartphones than their computers. Developing a mobile application could have helped Essay Mama get more customers and help their customers access their papers more easily.
  • Essay Mama is good mainly for foreign students. However, if you are a native English speaker, you should think twice about requesting their services. Some of their papers may not be written by native English speakers and it could alert your professor. 

Types of services

  • Research papers
  • Term papers
  • Thesis writing
  • Paper writing
  • Essay editing
  • Proofreading service
  • Custom essay in hours
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Pay for essay online
  • Admission essays

Essay Mama claims that the papers are written by native English speakers with several years of experience in writing several papers on the topic. Also, the company claims that they have few writers because they only allow the most qualified, experienced, and talented writers to join their team. However, it could be a major challenge when the number of orders increases significantly. They would be unable to complete the orders in time.

Customer reviews

The customer reviews had mixed outcomes. One customer praised the Essay Mama for its professional and well-written essays. Another customer added that the service helped them get better grades.

However, there were customers who were dissatisfied with Essay Mama. The writer was unable to follow instructions, use the required formats, and had poor grammar skills. Composing a high-quality academic paper requires impeccable knowledge of the necessary format, exemplary writing, and patience. It is important for an essay writing company to only employ writers who possess the necessary skills. It is not enough to claim that your writers have PhDs and Masters degrees. Their skills are only important if they can meet customers’ demands. Essay Mama must meet the high standards of their customers’ university, college, or school. One thing I dislike about some essay services is when they make it difficult for you to receive a refund after poor quality services. When a customer pays the full price for an order, Essay Mama should not only meet the customers’ expectations but also exceed them! If the papers are poor quality or contain plagiarism, Essay Mama must be willing to refund the client!

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When Essay Mama is selecting writers for “top-notch” papers, they should use experienced essay writers who have several years of experience in the industry. It gives customers the confidence that the writer can produce a high quality while applying the required knowledge and skills. Having a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. is not a guarantee that one is a professional writer. They could have also bought online essays so that they could graduate. A professional writer should have good listening and writing skills that will surpass a customer’s expectations. They must know how to read instructions so that they can meet the demands and needs of their customers. Impeccable grammar and spelling are some of the key attributes of an accomplished writer. 

Prices pricetable pricetable

The papers are medium-priced in comparison to other companies in the industry. There are two factors determining the prices: quality and time. Platinum quality and premium quality papers have a higher price in comparison to standard quality papers. Also, academic papers with a longer deadline are more affordable than papers with short deadlines. It is important to note that the prices are also affected by the subject. Technical subjects, such as architecture, engineering, finance, and mathematics are more costly than standard subjects such as art or business.

Prices for a Finance Term Paper
Prices for a Finance Term Paper

Essay Mama gives you a 20% discount on your first order. The more pages your order, the more you will save. Extra discounts will help you get the best value. Also, you get a free outline, free unlimited amendments, free title page, free formatting, and a free bibliography. Although they are not the cheapest essay writing company in the industry, they have affordable prices.


Screenshot of their website
Screenshot of their website

Essay Mama claims that their writers are native English speakers and experts in their own fields. However, there have been several complaints about the quality of their papers. As mentioned earlier, professional writers must have impeccable grammar and spelling skills. Having a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. should not be the only qualification of essay writing companies. One should be able to write a paper in correct standard English, which is relatively error-free and with complete and clear sentences. A paper should flow smoothly and be organized logically. The ideas should “stick” together and the entire paper should make sense to the reader. It is possible that some of their employees are not native English speakers as they have claimed on their website. 

One of the features
One of the features

Essay Mama also guarantees unlimited amendments on your paper. There are free unlimited edits or revisions. Also, there were claims from a client that one of the papers was plagiarised from another site, UK Essays. 

According to customer reviews, most of the customers were pleased with the company. Most people believe that Essay Mama is a legit company that offers value for money. However, it is essential that they are transparent with their customers about the quality of their writers. 

Customer support

Customer support could be one of the main strengths of Essay Mama. The customer service is somewhat professional according to a conversation I had with one of their team members. They responded to my queries within seconds. They even requested my phone number so that they could clarify some issues. 

Screenshot of communication with support over live chat
Screenshot of communication with the support team over live chat

The customer support acted like the face of the company. Excellent customer service is crucial for retention, loyalty, business profits, and growth. As I had a conversation with one of the customer service representatives, Dylan, he was keen to understand my needs. He navigated through my texts so that he could provide a sufficient solution. He communicated clearly and attempted to provide solutions as quickly as possible. 

However, according to customer reviews, there were some clients who complained that the customer support did not provide solutions after several complaints. The writer had not complied with the instructions and there were several grammatical errors. It is essential for Essay Mama to address these problems or they could risk losing some of their customers. Furthermore, another client had complained about poor services and the customer service failed to solve the issue. Also, the client could not get a refund!

Payment methods

Essay Mama uses credit/debit cards as its method of payment. Credit cards have legitimized the company in the industry and allowed the company to avoid the risk of getting bad checks. It eliminates the time and money taken to track down customers to adequately pay for the papers. Furthermore, electronic payments are efficient and less costly. 


EssayMama guarantees

A full refund is only possible before the order is assigned to a writer. Reasons to back a refund should be made within 72 hours after completing an order. The paper must be done according to the client’s initial instructions. The company does not guarantee that their services will be plagiarism-free. All cancellations and refunds must be expressed in writing by emailing the support team or using the Order Messaging System. Refunds are done on an individual case to case basis. The Quality Assurance Department can accept or decline refund inquiries. Furthermore, the company does not disclose personal information collected from its customers to third parties, which is highlighted in terms of use. 

How to make an order

Screenshot of the order form

Placing an order with Essay Mama is quite convenient. It has compiled all the necessary information in one place. The pricing policy is dependent on time, quality, and subject. After filling in the details, you proceed to payment. The company will only begin working on your order after you have made the payment. The process is simplified and all the necessary steps are on one page.

Loyalty program

Essay Mama can give you discounted prices in the loyalty program. The first order will be 20% more affordable. After that, you can get up to a 15% discount on the company’s loyalty program. The program is only applicable to loyal clients. Notably, you get a 5% discount for 15-50 pages, 10% discount for 51-100 pages, and 15% discount for 100+ pages. 


According to the Essay Mama review, they are above average. The company provides a wide range of writing services for students. Also, their clients can also enjoy custom essays on urgent deadlines. The services are medium-priced to address the affordability of students. However, I believe that the prices should be different according to education levels. The payment process is confidential and you do not risk your personal information. Essay Mama’s quality standards are above the industry average. They have strong customer support who are focused on customer satisfaction. There are a few customer complaints about Essay Mama. I would recommend Essay Mama to foreign students who are searching for affordable and standard quality papers. However, if you want a quality paper that is 100% written by a native English speaker, better scroll through other reviews of essay writing services, and try your luck elsewhere!

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