Review [Update June 2024] – Should You Trust this Writing Service?

EssayShark is a writing service that connects customers with freelancers. In this article you will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of this bidding website.

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Essay Overview

Essay Shark is a writing service with a mixed reputation. On the one hand, the company promises to deliver high-quality papers and works on orders with the shortest deadlines. On the other hand, feedback from customers varies, and it seems like everything depends on a particular writer’s professional level. The reason why I decided to write this review is that I wanted to answer this question: is EssayShark legit? After I’ve done my research, I managed to find the answer, and if you also want to know the answer, keep reading this EssayShark review. belongs to ONE Freelance Ltd, and maybe this is a reason why this website looks almost identical to another site owned by the same company — The side features a “Why choose us” section, reviews from customers, stats, and a list of features. EssayShark offers all the standard features that you can find on many other websites from this niche, including direct communication with your writer and free previewing. Honestly, writing an unbiased review of this site was achallenge because of how difficult it is to find any difference between EssayShark and Bid4Papers.


I’ve already had a bad experience with Bid4Papers, and yet I decided to give EssayShark a try. Now I regret this decision because making an order here felt like deja-vu. The fun thing about working with this service is that at first, I didn’t know that these two websites have the same owner. However, as soon as I saw the order form, everything became clear.

The two websites have identical interfaces. They offer the same services and emphasize the same benefits. Moreover, they have the same order form. After I started to research EssayShark, I also found another site with the same owner — On the one hand, when a company owns multiple websites with the same interface, it’s definitely a red flag, especially given the fact that each of these sites claims to provide exclusive features. On the other hand, it would be unfair to call EssayShark a scam.

The thing is that EssayShark, as well as other websites that I’ve mentioned in this review, actually deliver papers. If you make your order here, they won’t just take your money and leave you with nothing. You will get your paper, even though it may not be great. The problem with this site is a controversial marketing tactic. Students think that they use different websites while,  in fact, their papers are written by the same team of writers.

This isn’t the only website that has clones, and usually, writing services don’t want to admit that they run multiple websites. The good thing about EssayShark is that, when I got in touch with the support service, they admitted that is their partner website with the same writers’ pool.


  • This website is based on a bidding system. This approach enables customers to choose writers based on their experience and the price they offer. This way, you can find the best quality to price ratio, no matter how difficult your paper or how tight your budget is.
  • EssayShark also offers unlimited revisions. You can pay for your order in parts and request revisions over and over again until you get exactly what you’re looking for.


  • The main drawback of this website is its questionable marketing strategy. Students who have already used one of its twin websites deserve to know that they’re dealing with the same company and the same team of writers.
  • Unfortunately, this site doesn’t have a live chat, so if you have any problems or need answers to any questions, getting instant support will be impossible.

Types of Services

  • This service offers different academic writing services. Here you can order different types of essays, including argumentative and admission essays. You can also request an article, book review, annotated bibliography, coursework, research paper, term paper, thesis, dissertation, research proposal, or case study.
  • EssayShark will also help you with creative writing and critical thinking tasks.
  • Here, you can also order a business plan, presentation, or speech. Besides, when making an order, you can select “Other” and describe your unique assignment.

Customer Reviews

I checked customer reviews on many reliable websites and found a lot of negative feedback. However, there are also many positive reviews from satisfied customers, so EssayShark certainly isn’t the worst writing service I’ve ever seen. Perhaps, the main disadvantage of this service is also one of its best features, which is the bidding system. As I’ve already mentioned above, the bidding system enables you to find the right price to quality ratio and choose writers based on their experience.

However, some writers may not be honest about their professionalism, and in this case, the company is responsible for quality control. Apparently, the company fails to make sure that all of its writers are good at their job because some customers complain about poor formatting and non-native English writers who make grammar mistakes. Some customers also say that they overpaid for their orders because the price didn’t correspond to the quality of writing. At the same time, other customers emphasize the great skills of their writers. Therefore, if you want to buy a good paper here, you should choose your writer carefully.

Furthermore, many reviewers were not satisfied with the customer support service. I’ve already mentioned that there is no live chat on the website. Although the company promises that the support team will help you within six minutes, not all customers actually got timely help when they had problems with their papers.


EssayShark promises the “lowest prices on the market, no upfront payments.” This sounds great, and it might be one of the main reasons why customers choose this writing service, especially if they’ve never used services with bidding systems before. It is no surprise that students who have already had an unpleasant experience working with traditional writing services expect that they will pay less when working with freelance writers. However, given that the writers can offer their own prices and nobody controls their rates, getting your paper for cheap might be impossible.

In practice, writers rarely agree to write essays and other academic papers for less than $20 per page. Many writing services offer lower prices, so EssayShark is certainly not the cheapest service out there, and the bidding system doesn’t necessarily help customers save money. Besides, even when customers see that a writer offers the lowest bid, they may not choose this writer because the lower price is associated with poor quality.

The good thing about this service is that it really doesn’t require customers to make any upfront payments. When you make an order, the money is reserved on your credit card, and when your writer makes progress, you should release installments. However, if you’re unsatisfied with the final result, you won’t be able to get a refund.


I ordered a simple college essay, and my writer did a good job. However, I still needed to make a few edits. Apparently, my writer was familiar with the subject but didn’t put much effort into research. I also fixed one grammar mistake. Generally, I received a decent paper, but I also realized that I would need to do a lot more editing if my writer was less experienced. The price also was too high for such a paper because I know writing services that deliver perfect, well-written, and properly formatted papers for less than 20$ per page.

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I also checked some stats on SimilarWeb and found out that EssayShark gets a lot of traffic from Kenya, with some percentage also coming from Ukraine and the Philippines. This means that the company works with writers from these countries, so when you order your papers here, there is always a chance that they won’t be written by native English speakers.

Customer Support

Customers cannot contact the support team via live chat, and neither can they call support representatives. Instead, they need to use a ticket system and submit a support query, which is one of the worst approaches to customer support because it makes getting timely help almost impossible. The whole process takes too much time, and if you’re looking for reliable customer support, I recommend that you order your papers elsewhere.

The thing is, this service expects customers to discuss any issues directly with their writers, which can be a good solution if you have a professional writer. However, if your writer is the very reason why you need help, there will be no mediator to help you resolve your issues.

Payment Methods

You can pay for your order in two ways. You can either pay directly from the order form or transfer money to your EssayShark account in advance and then pay from the website balance. If you choose the former payment method, you will have three options available: “CardPay,” “SolidGate,” and “ApplePay via SolidGate.”


EssayShark offers the same money-back guarantee as Bid4Papers. Given that both of these websites belong to the same company, it is no surprise that they have the exact same refund policy.Simply put, you should pay for your paper before it’s done. The difference between the writer’s bid and the money you paid reflects the amount of a refund that you can get if the writer has already started to work on your order. Unfortunately, this system makes it impossible for a customer to get a 100% refund.

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How to Make an Order

The ordering process is quite simple. You should fill out a short form on the main page, and when you click “Continue,” you will see another, longer order form. If you don’t already have an EssayShark account, it will be created automatically. Then you can provide all the necessary details about your order and upload any additional materials that your writer might need.

A good thing about this service is that you can also edit your initial requirements at any time. However, in this case, your writer’s bid will be considered outdated, and the price of your order might change. Once you’ve completed the order form, you can chat with writers who place their bids and choose the one you like most.

After this, your payment will be automatically split into several parts. The number of payments will depend on the number of pages and your deadline. For instance, if you order a 25-page paper, you will pay your writer for every five pages. First, you will see apreview, and if you’re satisfied with it, you’ll be able to approve this part of the order, and the writer will receive the money.

Loyalty Program

Unfortunately, EssayShark doesn’t have a loyalty program, and neither does it have any discounts or coupons. In the FAQ section of its website, the company explains that it doesn’t use any discounts in order not to interfere with the bidding process.


My main goal was to answer a very important question: “Is EssayShark legit?” After I analyzed dozens of EssayShark reviews and ordered a paper here, I can say that this is a legit writing service. This is not a scam, and you can get good papers here. However, I recommend that you choose writers carefully because not all freelancers who work with EssayShark are equally good. Besides, customer support could be much better. Another disadvantage of this service is its questionable marketing strategy. All the same, the company doesn’t hide the truth about its multiple websites. Generally, is a reliable writing service.

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