Review [Update June 2024] – Is this Writing Service the Biggest Screwjob?

Is the EssayVikings destined to make academic life more manageable? Plagiarism-free and money back guaranteed? That’s quite a huge promise to make. You need to find out!

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EssayVikings was founded in 2016, and it was in the same year that it became active in the Web Archive. The company claims to be legit and has been providing honest services to its customers. In that case, is destined to make academic life more manageable, whereby editing papers with the company is quick and straightforward. However, it would be best if you were careful with many sites that claim to offer fast and simple academic writing and editing. A website might be promising to be providing you with what you need only to realize that everything was a scam.

Many people seem to be wondering whether is legit or not. The site also looks professional at first sight. However, you need to be sure if it is offering what you have been looking for. EssayVikings review will also help with the clarification of such doubts. For that reason, you need to check online to see the experience of past customers.

My first impression of the website is that it looks simple and informal. The company claims that they make papers, including academic writing, shine, and bright. also claims to have good editors who provide quality editing services on time.   Perhaps, such claims could be hot air, which you need to find out. Even though the website is conquering the Academic Writing Island, it does not have mobile applications. Little did I know that a company that claims to offer faster services does not have an extension for mobile use. Oh! It can’t be right. At this rate of the technological era, no digital corporate organization will miss having mobile applications. Access to the company’s services is totally through the site search.

The main specialization or services offered by EssayVikings is paper editing. Editors of the company will research the customer’s field subject and topic thoroughly while generating new arguments based on the information obtained from research and paper analysis. The company also articulates points of contrast and compares the editors’ findings, asserting the client’s position with the uncovered evidence.

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Because of quality service delivery, Editors of EssayVikings profess to adhere to major educational standards for content paraphrasing. Editors and writers of the company have also stated several times that they follow the academic rules of the client’s institution and regulations concerning paraphrasing and plagiarism. However, from experience, not all editors at EssayVikings provide quality services and adhere to the rules of plagiarism even if the company’s prices are relatively low. The prices set by the company are influenced by the writing quality choices, which included all writers, premium, and platinum. For instance, an additional payment for the best writer is $9.99. What worries my confidence is that the company does not have a table illustrating the number of pages with corresponding prices. Perhaps, a good website should have a way of communicating the prices of its services to potential customers. Otherwise, any person looking for help in academic writing will always assume that there is something fishy with the company’s business transactions.


I have a passion for identifying the best essay writing companies online, and for that reason, I do not like my friends getting conned whenever I refer them for help. Of late, many essays writing sites have not provided services as advertised on their pages. For that reason, I always get excited when some of them get exposed. Furthermore, many clients do not like being victimized by fishy services. Some of the friends I referred to also raised complaints about the company’s services. In that case, I decided to investigate the matter and write a review about it because it is not good to fail meeting customer’s expectations. Every client deserves quality service delivery, which matches the price they paid for. Really! Services offered by companies such as should match what they hot air. The sweet ads might attract customers, but bad experiences will always chase them away.

Pros and Cons


  1. Extensive expertise – the editors of hold degrees in different subjects, thereby making it easy for the company to handle orders or papers of any difficulties.
  2. Free revision – the company allows free revisions provided that the initial instructions were not changed. The revision policy ensures that clients get quality papers.
  3. Discount policy – the discount offered by is flexible, depending on the number of pages.
  4. Fair prices – order prices at the website are customized to meet different needs presented by the customer.
  5. Faster delivery from the best writers is guaranteed
  6. The payment options accepted by the company are safe, and they include Visa, MasterCard, America Express, and Discover.
  7. The blog menu also provides readily available sample essays.
  8. Writing services offered by the company are illustrated in a broad spectrum.
  9. Payment is made after receipt.


  1. Fake photos on the writers’ profile, thereby making it difficult to identify the right Native English Writers.
  2. Services of the highest quality level attract a very high fee.
  3. The website interface is not easily accessible to new users.


The service charges might not be fair as they seem to be. They are also influenced by the content and quality of the paper. Quality services attract expensive charges at

Types of Services

The website of EssayVikings offers a lot of services, depending on the urgency and complexity level. The company also seems to be a legit writing service provided by the extension of the most common academic papers.  However, it is upon the customer to place an order for the best writer to access. The website interface is not easily accessible, thereby making it difficult for new users to access the list of services offered. The company’s list services are found on the service page, whereby the customer is required to check on the dropdown list, which is next to the calculator located on the website’s homepage. What follows is the list of the services offered by

  •          Research papers
  •          College papers
  •          Book reports
  •          Lab reports
  •          Term papers
  •          Annotated  bibliography
  •          PowerPoint presentation
  •          Speech Writing
  •          Dissertation Papers
  •          Homework Writing
Types of Services

Customer Reviews

From the looks of things, is an averagely good writing company that can meet customers’ needs. Most of the comments from the customers were positive. However, one customer received a plagiarized paper and complained about the company support department’s horrible and lying customer service. I believe that any writing company has writers who follow instructions and those who do not follow instructions. The same applies to and has always made it challenging to satisfy the needs of all customers.

The essay writing website did receive a lot of positive reviews from customers on and negative reviews from customers on What makes the matter worse is that the complaint was about plagiarized work even though the essay writing company assures customers about zero plagiarism on its website. Why should that be the case? Why is it challenging to provide quality services? Why advertise what you cannot deliver? Nothing is wrong with meeting customers’ demands. Nonetheless, I was amazed by the comments made by the customers on the company’s writers. Some of the customers believe that has writers who are quick, responsive, and follow instructions.

Why customer’s experience crucial to the success of an essay writing website? Can customers’ experiences influence the reputation of a writing website? Do you believe that customers demand quality services? The good thing about customers is that they will always respond to their experience with essay writing companies. They will be quick to post the information online, whether good or bad. In that case, the customer’s experience is the differentiator of any essay writing website success.

The sad part is that it can take several years to build a writing company’s reputation, but a few minutes from a bad customer’s experience can ruin it. That bad experience of a few minutes can make lose its control over its reputation among many customers. Apart from leaving negative reviews, customers will also be willing to share their frustrations with their friends, peers, and colleagues through social media platforms. Therefore, it is upon to ensure that customers always receive quality services.


Price Offers

The prices offered by are fair, thereby making the company’s essays to be medium-priced. However, a client is expected to pay an addition of $9.99  to get the best writer’s services, which in some cases might not meet the expectation. Why should I add a payment for the best writer?  Does the best writer guarantee quality service delivery? The total cost of any order is determined by factors such as deadline, number of pages, and academic level.

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Customers are always given an idea of charges through the company’s price calculator, depending on the type of currency. Even though claims to be offering fair prices, getting the best writer’s services is not easy. Clients are also eligible for benefits, including a discount for the first order, free bibliography, free formatting, and unlimited amendments.


Why is very interesting in terms of its features? Do you believe that the website features influence quality service delivery? No! Website features cannot save a customer’s bad experience. Site functions cannot refund plagiarized orders. The site has a page where customers are given the opportunity of choosing their writers while viewing their success rate, names, and successful tasks completed by such writers. However, most of the profiles appear to be fake, and the writers’ photos appear to have been taken from websites as their names are randomly generated. While many students prefer bidding systems, receiving quality service is not guaranteed because bidding is not the best way to run academic writing services. Furthermore, the blame game is left between the customer and the writer and not the company because the client himself chooses the preferred writer.

According to the reviews presented by most customers on and, the overall quality of papers delivered by is good. However, some of the editors seem to be non-Native English Speakers. Getting access to Native English Speaker Editor is hard, thereby making it difficult to deliver top notch tasks to native English customers. Many reports of spelling and grammatical errors, complaints of poorly researched assignments, and assignments not delivered according to instructions have been witnessed with For that reason, we can always say that bidding sites are not the best for academic writing companies, but it is also not the worst idea for meeting the customer’s expectations on pricing orders.

Customer Support

Which mode of communications preferred by customers? Is it through live chat? Do they prefer emails or phone calls? The essay writing website can be accessed through live chat, which is prompt for new customers. Customer services can also be raised through the support email, which is [email protected]. Why do customers still raise issues despite the company having different methods of communication? Should effective communication be an issue? No! It should not be an issue for corporate, academic writing organizations. However, some issues have made the company deliver terrible customer service. Such problems include long response times to customers who have serious issues such as refund cases.

Can poor attention affect a customer’s opinion about an essay writing company? Why should support departments not pay attention to customers’ demands? Poor attention to the instructions presented by customers has also been witnessed. Because of such issues, has faced several negative reviews from customers. The essay writing company needs to change the relationships they have with their customers because they are the ones who influence the lifetime value of the essay writing business. Long or low response to customers should not be experienced with an essay writing company claiming to be always online 24/7. Professionalism starts with how a company treats its clients, and this is the responsibility of the support team. Clients can also need help or academic service anytime, and failure to respond at the right time might result in missed deadlines.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Why is the company limited to a few payment methods? Why can’t the company accept PayPal as one of the payment methods? accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. The essay writing company accepts credit cards because the technique always eliminates risks associated with bad checks. Is it the customer’s budget that influences the choice of payment method? Credit cards also allow customers to work within reasonable budgets. The same budgets affect the kind of services customers expect from the company. However, the company cannot track down customers to adequately pay for the offered services.


Maybe due to the services offered by essay writing companies, does not have much to say when it comes to the issue of the money-back guarantee. Carrying out further research on the same issues was necessary, and I am glad that a refund policy was presented as part of the terms and conditions offered by the company.

The refund policy indicates that if clients are not happy with the outcome of the order, they are free to submit a written request. The request is presented along with documented proof indicating that the quality of the paper was indeed low. According to the company’s refund policy, the application must be submitted within three working days, whereby the refund processing will begin upon the order completion. However, if the period elapses, the client will not be authorized for any refund. Such processes only allow a partial or full refund.

How to Make an Order

Is placing an order at easy? Where does one start? Everything about order placement should be clear in an essay writing website. Placing an order at the is quite easy and clear. However, it depends on the type of services, which can be writing, rewriting, or editing. In that case, it is upon the customer to clarify the kind of service to be completed. The client also has the option of viewing the offers offered by a writer upon placing an assignment. The order might be cheap, depending on the outcome of the bidding process.

Loyalty Program

What are the benefits of a loyal customer? What are the categories of such benefit programs? Do services offered by the company worth making a client loyal? Even though a one page paper of academic writing service provided by costs $16, it has a discount program that benefits loyal customers. The discount is determined by the money a customer has spent on an order. The company also has different levels of discounts, including 5%, 10%, and a 15% discount.  The more the number of pages ordered by the client, the higher the discount level.


Is EssayVikings legit? Is EssayVikings trustworthy? These are some of the many questions that will be asked by people. Customers will always want to know if the company is worth giving a try while looking for an assignment to buy. However, from observation, a good essay writing company is expected to have several qualities that can attract customers to buy its services. The main feature is good writers who can provide clients with much-needed quality services. I recommend that customers should look for services from legit and trustworthy essay writing companies. A good essay writing company is the one, which provides adequate and nonstop 24/7 customer support. Whichever the case, is expected to stick to or practice quality delivery services in order to benefit from customers’ referrals. Otherwise, the company will still be having writers who produce low-quality papers. For that reason, I cannot advise my friends to seek help from

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.

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