Review [Update June 2024] – Does Old School Design Affect the Quality of Papers?

Finestessay is a verifiable company that offers varied writing services. Their team of qualified writers is ready to tackle deadlines and complete your assignments on time. Check this review to find out about all of the pros and cons of

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  • Quality:
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  • special discounts
  • quick and useful customer support
  • a money-back policy
  • lots of types of papers available
  • unlimited free revisions


  • lack of reviews
  • no possibility to choose a specialist
  • website design doesn’t look modern
  • no links to social media pages

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Students have to deal with lots of assignments on a regular basis. It is quite difficult to manage and complete all of them without professional help. Subsequently, this is why the majority of them are looking for great, reliable writing services. There are lots of companies that promise to create a professional paper, however, their services leave much to be desired. They either provide students with low-quality content or do not complete the papers on time.

Unfortunately, I came across fraudsters myself when I was a student. Hence, this is why I started to review various companies that provide writing services. I evaluate such services by diversified criteria. I provide an overview of the companies and note customer support, reviews, prices, and guarantees. 

Main page
Main page

Therefore, this page is devoted to Finestessay review, plus I will tell you about the pros and cons of this writing service. 

Firstly, the company is registered in Cyprus. The website states that it was created in 2013, however, the real date of creation is 2015.

Date of creation
Date of creation

The service has average statistics on the web.archive, and it lacks customer reviews.   

Finestessay statistics on
Finestessay statistics on

Let’s check it and find out if it is worth students’ attention. 


I prefer to check writing services on my own. I do not trust the reviews because I realised just how easy it is to buy them nowadays. Therefore, I usually order some sample essays to check all of the details myself. I would say that Finestessay is legitimate, and it is 100% not a scam. They prepared my paper on time and even provided a special 15% discount. Also, I enjoyed their customer support. However, I wasn’t totally satisfied with the final product, with the quality of the paper being average.

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Pros and Cons

There are lots of writing services nowadays and that is why companies try to attract customers by providing discounts. Finestessay com is no exception. However, like the majority of writing services, this one has its downsides. So let’s check its advantages and disadvantages. Overall, I would say that its pros definitely outweigh its cons. 

As aforementioned, it  has lots of pros:


  • It has special offers and provides you with a 15% discount for your first order
  • The site also offers quick and useful customer support. It takes about a minute to get answers in an online chat
  • It supplies a money-back policy within 2-weeks
  • Coincidentally, there are lots of types of papers available that are created by skilled writers
Types of Services
Types of Services
  •  It is possible to count the price before placing an order
Preview Order
Preview Order
  • It has a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to place an order. You don’t need to fill in tons of forms. You enter all of the details onto just one page
  • You can get as many free revisions as you need within two weeks

As you can see, this service has a lot of advantages. However, there are some cons, as well:


  • website design doesn’t look at all modern. It seems that it hasn’t been updated for quite a long time
  • Finestessay only has general information about its writers, and it is impossible to choose the specialist
Top Writers
Top Writers
  • The service doesn’t share any links to social media pages
  • It doesn’t have any reviews on TrustPilot, SiteJabber, and other related services. Customers can check reviews only on the website itself

Finestessay states that it has 97% of satisfied users. However, the site doesn’t have any social media pages, and it lacks reviews on trusted review services. It provides a wide range of writing services, but its website looks outdated. You may still feel confused and wonder if this service is worth your attention? However, you should answer this question: “Is Finestessay legitimate?”. Yes, it is! It means that Finestessay is not a scam. Are you ready to ignore some of the cons for a reliable service? If yes, choose this writing service without any doubts. 

Types of Services

The diversity in service type is one of the main advantages of this writing company. It can prepare such assignments as:

  • Essays
  • An admission essay
  • A term paper
  • A research paper
  • Help with college assignments
  • Coursework assistance
  • Thesis
  • Dissertations
  • Plus editing

Students can expect their papers to be ready on time. states that assignments are written by native English-speakers with Masters and PhD degrees. Their writers are skilled and qualified in academic writing which means that customers may expect high-quality content. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are Finestessay’s weakest point. Other companies combat for top places on review websites, gaining them valuable views/clicks. Some of them cheat and buy many falsified reviews to become top of the writing services. However, Finestessay doesn’t take part in this race. It has some reviews on its own website. The service states that the majority of customers are satisfied with the papers they provide.


But, Finestessay doesn’t have any feedback on trusted review services, such as TrustPilot or SiteJabber:

Does this mean that you shouldn’t trust this writing company? I wouldn’t solely rely on the reviews that are not available today. However, I agree that this service surely is not top-notch. 


Finestessay states that it provides affordable prices. The final sum depends on the delivery time and type of paper required. It starts at $11.75 in case you are ready to wait for 20 days turnover. And can be up to $40.65 if you want to get your assignment completed within an hour. Customers can count the total sum on this page

Check Price
Check Price

Undoubtedly, customers may find cheaper writing services elsewhere. However, the majority of them won’t be legitimate. They sometimes will not provide any guarantees. If you choose these sites, you will probably lose your time and money.

Customer Support

One of the things I enjoyed while testing is their customer support. You can contact them via email, phone, and live chat. It took me about one minute to get an answer in the live chat:

Online Chat
Online Chat

It is vitally important to get answers to your question immediately. Henceforth, it is especially helpful in case you are in a hurry and need to meet deadlines. Customer support will help you place an order if you feel lost or confused. 

Payment Methods

This writing service suggests paying with a card. It supports various currencies:

  • USD
  • CAD
  • GBP
  • CNY
  • EUR
  • AUD

Meanwhile, it offers secure online payments. Customers shouldn’t worry as the service doesn’t have access to any credit card information. 

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Additionally, Finestessay takes care of its reputation and offers an extensive list of guarantees. It states that the papers they provide are of the highest quality and all are 100% original. All the assignments are available on time, and customers may communicate with their writers during the process. The prices are comparatively low, and 24/7 online support is ready to answer all of your questions. 

Moreover, customers may expect an unlimited amount of free revision within two weeks. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the paper, you may ask for a refund within 14-30. The time depends on the length of your paper. Furthermore, customers can receive a full refund until the paper is downloaded. 

How to Make an Order

Even though the website’s interface doesn’t look so modern, it is easy to place an order. Customers just need to open the “Order Now” tab and fill in the suggested form. Thankfully, it consists of only one page.

Order Form
Order Form

The best thing here is that you can check the total amount before you submit your request. You won’t get any additional charges afterwards. 

When you submit your request, it is processed straight away. The Finestessay team will find the most suitable writer, and he/she will start to work on your paper immediately. 

Loyalty Program

Finestessay com offers a special promotional code. It gives its customers a 15% discount. The best thing is that you can receive this offer for the first order you place.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t have unique programs for its loyal, long-term customers. However, the welcome promotion is highly appreciated. 


In conclusion, there are a huge amount of writing services available now, making it hard to choose the perfect service to suit your needs. Some of them offer comparatively low prices, but the quality of the papers is awful. Despite this, others have positive customer feedback and top writers to choose from but aren’t affordable for most students.

If you are searching for a decent service that provides average content choose Finestessay. This writing company is ready to complete assignments in the shortest period of time. It has skilled native English writers and excellent customer support available. Furthemore, it offers a wide range of writing services and this company has a huge list of guarantees. Crucially, it is ready to provide a refund if customers aren’t satisfied with the final papers. They suggest an unlimited amount of free revisions within a two week period. Overall, this helps in case customers feel that their paper requires some improvements or changes. 

I have personally checked this service, and I would recommend it if you want good quality at a reasonable price. Finestessay surely has some disadvantages as it lacks customer reviews and features an outdated site. However,  it is a legitimate, reliable company that started to operate in 2015. The company states that almost all of their customers are satisfied with the work offered; and I can confirm this is true in both the diverse services and customer support provided. 

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.

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