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GradeMiners is a custom writing service that offers low prices and numerous types of paperwork. Is a scam? A truthful and detailed review with pros and cons.

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  • user-friendly-interface
  • online calculator
  • great discount system
  • money-back policy
  • a refferal program
  • possibility to check the uniqueness of your text for free
  • a blog with numerous articles on education


  • no way to contact Grade Miners writers directly
  • the absence of a block dedicated to the authors
  • no `Pricing` tab
  • the almost complete lack of reviews of real customers

Starting price

From 13.28$ / page


Nowadays, young people demand as much knowledge as possible. They are ready to receive it simultaneously from different sources. It is the reason why online courses, libraries, and cinemas are at the peak of their popularity. In addition to studying, students want to spend their time on hobbies, work, and personal life. To keep up with all this, they need help. And writing services become their irreplaceable companions.

I have repeatedly said that these websites are lifesavers. Thanks to them, you can get your high-quality paper legally and in a short time. But how to find the best writing service among all the variety? Let me help you! I carefully study the sites and prepare the most honest reviews. Today we will talk about


I found the general information about this writing service in Terms and Conditions. The company is owned and operated by Writeperfect LTD (HE 346067). The office is situated at 1-3 Boumpoulinas, Bouboulina Building, Office 42, 1060, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Information about the company from Terms and Conditions
Information about the company from Terms and Conditions

Writeperfect LTD is a private company registered in Cyprus in 2015. In total, it owns and operates 22 writing services, including Essay Company and Buy Essay. 

Grade Miners is one of the few sites that describe their history in detail. It is commendable. However, trust everyone, but always cut the cards! I decided to check the accuracy of the dates. According to, the service was founded in 2009. Web Archive says that the company started operating in 2014. on Web.Archive on Web.Archive

At the same time on Who.Is the website is dated Dec 2013. Who to trust?

 Grademiners on Who.Is.
 Grademiners on Who.Is. 

Pros and Cons


  • As usual, let me start with the design of the site. Sometimes I think that I can buy any knickknack if I like the color of the web links! But, seriously, Grade Miners has a user-friendly interface. It seems to me that they hired an experienced web designer who created all these illustrations and animations. Do you remember when I said that a website does not have to use GIFs to attract customers? Look how unobtrusively this guy moves his leg! Great!
Illustration from the start page
Illustration from the start page
  • I am ready to sing the praises of those who place online calculators on the home page. It is so convenient! You go to the site, specify the type of work, academic level, deadline, and the number of pages. And that is it! You immediately see the approximate cost of your paper. Did not like the price? You close the site and go to the next one. No one is burdening you with forced registration, filling out endless forms, or waiting for a response from the support service. Besides, Great Miners offers you two types of price: standard and special. To get the latter, you need to enter your email. Then you will receive a discount coupon. 
  • Speaking of discounts, I will allow myself to make this a separate point. The writing service has a discount system. A client can save up to 15% off his first order! Also, Grade Miners offers a loyalty program. It implies a cashback of 10% for each completed order. In your account, you are awarded points (1 dollar/euro/pound = 1 point). You can spend them on your next orders. For more information, see Terms and Conditions.
  • What is more, this writing service has a Money-Back policy. Thus, all clients can get a refund within one month from the deadline. In some cases, this period can be extended up to six months. 
  • Finally, I found a writing service that promotes its brand on social networks! From review to review, I rant about the need to maintain social activity. Now I can give everyone an example of Grade Miners. The company has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Moreover, they have thousands of subscribers!
  • Among all the advantages, there is one that sets Grade Miners apart. And this is a referral program. You can earn 50$ by sharing the link to the website with your friend. It is easy money! The more friends you invite, the more money you get. 
  • If you think that is all, then you are wrong! The Grade Miners team took a step forward and made the best advertising of their rewriting service. You can check the uniqueness of your text for free!  If you found plagiarism during the review, you can immediately order a rewriting service from professionals.
 Free online plagiarism checker on
 Free online plagiarism checker on
  • Fans of reading articles on the topic of writing essays (like me) can rejoice! On the website, you can find a blog with numerous articles on education. The authors of the blog revealed secrets of writing papers on all topics, from alcoholism to a tornado!
  • The last but not least advantage is the Free-Revision policy. As with the Money-Back guarantee, customers can expect free edits within 14-30 days from the deadline. The exact time frame depends on the number of pages. Moreover, the revision period can be extended up to 180 days. 

In the list of advantages, it is worth mentioning the fast work of the support service, easy ordering process, and the wide range of services. But I will tell you more about them later in my review. 


  • Unfortunately, you cannot contact Grade Miners writers directly. I was pretty spoiled for the opportunity to ask the author of my research paper at two in the morning a question about the number of chapters. In the case of Grade Miners, you can contact their writers only through the customer support team. While I will explain the eye of the problem to the manager, I will lose the idea!
  • Another omission is the absence of a block dedicated to the authors. To understand who those people are, you have to surf the site for quite a long time. Unfortunately, I did not find any information about their language proficiency. I wanted to make sure they were all native English speakers. To my regret, this topic remained unsolved. What is more, the client cannot choose a suitable writer on his own. But more on this later in the review. 
  • There is no `Pricing` tab! We, as customers, cannot get acquainted with the pricing policy of the site until we enter the necessary data in the online calculator. 
  • The biggest drawback is the almost complete lack of reviews of real customers on third-party sites. Although, Grade Miners does not hesitate to publish their average rating score on the start page right under the header!

Types of Services

The website offers a wide range of services. Any student will find what he is looking for. For example, you can order:

  • essay;
  • assignment;
  • research paper;
  • lab report;
  • homework.

Besides, you can ask for help with proofreading and editing. The list of the most popular services is presented at the top of the main page. 

The list of the main services on GradeMiners com
The list of the main services on GradeMiners com

You can view the whole list of the available services in the online calculator by clicking `Type of work`.

The whole list of the services on GradeMiners com
The whole list of the services on GradeMiners com

Remember that the price depends on the type of work. Thus, the cost of PowerPoint presentation and course work will be different.


As I mentioned earlier, Grade Miners does not provide a separate price list for review. In my experience, with an online calculator, customers do not need a detailed list of services with prices. The approximate cost of writing, editing, and proofreading are enough. However, the absence of this feature is not a problem. If needed, a web designer can easily add it to the site in the future. So, let’s return to the cost of services. In general, the price depends on:

  • the type of paper;
  • the academic level;
  • the deadline;
  • the volume.
Online calculator on
Online calculator on

Remember that the final rate will be available only at the ordering stage. Anyway, even the preliminary cost is low. It guarantees that you will not spend a fortune on ordering an essay from the experts. Besides, you can save 15% off your order. To do so, Grade Miners offers you two options:

  1. To `unlock` the special price by entering your email in the online calculator;
 Enter your email and unlock a special price for your first order
 Enter your email and unlock a special price for your first order

2. To type your email in the specific field on the website.

Type your email and receive 15% off your first order
Type your email and receive 15% off your first order

It is worth mentioning referral and loyalty programs. But first things first! The referral program allows you to earn money by inviting your friends to Grade Miners. For example, you share the referral link with your friend Mark. He has to sign up and make his first order for more than 50$. Thus, he will receive 15% off, and you will receive your 50$ as a reward! The scheme is quite clear. And, as you may have noticed, this is a good advertising move.

How does the referral program work?
How does the referral program work?

Grade Miners also shares the real stories of top performers. Have you seen the amounts these guys have earned from sending out links? It is worth thinking about!

Top performers of the referral program
Top performers of the referral program

And a few words about the loyalty program. I have already listed all the key points in the pros. Let me share with you the chapter from the Terms on this aspect.

The loyalty program of
The loyalty program of


According to the website, all papers are checked for plagiarism. Surprisingly, Grade Miners is one of the few who specify the verification method. In this case, it is the Copyscape site.

A block on dedicated to quality
A block on dedicated to quality

Furthermore, the writing service guarantees that their editors check every paper for mistakes. Words are only words. That is why I ordered an essay on literature myself. 

I am not keen on speed. That is why I gave my author two weeks to complete the task. I have been thinking about the volume of my essay for a long time. It seemed to me that six pages would be enough to reveal the theme of social class in the novel `Great Expectations` by Charles Dickens. I must say right away, this time I did not add any additional options. I was curious to use the claimed plagiarism test myself and see if our indicators would converge. Well, it is time to share the results with you!

Vivica A Fox Lets Do This GIF by Face The Truth

Overall, I was satisfied. The author conducted a competitive analysis of the characters of Pip and Estella. He also wrote an up-to-date introduction. I did not notice any grammatical or lexical errors. Besides, the design of the essay met the standards. However, there is still one thing that bothers me. Even though the text was written by all the rules, it seemed to me that the author was not a native English speaker. I cannot tell you where I got this idea from. But the more I reread the text, the stronger this thought grows in me.

Customer Support

There are only two ways to contact the Grade Miners customer support team:

  1. by phone;
Phone number for contacting customer support
Phone number for contacting customer support

by online chat.

I believe that the support service employs real people, not bots. The waiting time in the chat was about 30 seconds. Rick, the manager, answered my question quickly. The fact that the customer support team works 24/7 is also a big plus. 

How To Place An Order

The ordering process consists of 3 steps. Let’s talk about each of them in detail!

The first one is dedicated to general details. Here you need to choose:

  • Type of work;
  • Subject;
  • Academic level;
  • Number of pages;
  • Spacing;
  • Urgency.

Moreover, you can select the writer for your paperwork among three options:

  • Best Available;
  • Top Writer;
  • Premium Writer.

Unfortunately, you cannot pick the specific writer manually. Previously, we have reviewed sites where the client can specify the identification number of the author. To my regret, Grade Miners does not have this option. 

Then, you need to fill in your contact details, including email and phone number.

In the second step, you will be able to specify all details of your paper. Here you need to mention the topic of your paper and upload instructions. Moreover, you should choose the number of sources and referencing style.

On the third step of the ordering process, you can add extra services. In my opinion, the most interesting options are the initial draft and full text of sources. 

Finally, you can enter a promo code and proceed to payment. It is worth noticing that Grade Miners accepts credit and debit cards, preferably Visa and MasterCard.

Accepted types of payment
Accepted types of payment


Grade Miners does not hesitate to publish customer reviews on their website. You can open a separate tab and get acquainted with the feedback. The figures say that there are more than 13 000 reviews. review page review page

Below we can see that there are 22 566 reviews. That is almost twice as much! 

Number of reviews on
Number of reviews on

Either the web designers have not updated the site for a long time, or there is a deception. But let’s turn to the reviews on third-party websites, namely Sitejabber and TrustPilot. 

Sitejabber on Sitejabber on Sitejabber

On Sitejabber, Grade Miners has a rating of 4.5. It is a good result! I thoroughly read all feedback and compiled a list of the main advantages of this writing service according to the customers:

  • excellent customer service representatives;
  • compliance with deadlines;
  • free plagiarism report;
  • accuracy in following the instructions.

Let me show you examples of positive reviews. The last one is dated MAR 2021!

Of the 137 reviews, only 30 have 1 or 2 stars. Moreover, most of them are dated 2016 or 2017. 

I dare say that the company has undergone some kind of reform, after which the quality of work has significantly increased. However, I found a negative review dated DEC 2020.


For the first time in my career, I face the following notification from Trustpilot.

Grademiners on Trustpilot
Grademiners on Trustpilot

I regard this as a lack of feedback. 

Social Media

The writing service has not only accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube but also thousands of followers! 

From review to review, I encourage writing services to promote themselves in social networks. It is nice to see your ideas come to life! Although, I doubt that they started a Twitter page only after reading my review.


To sum up, I can say that this site deserves good points. It has a great design, a convenient order form, and friendly customer support. Every client is entitled to a free revision and money-back guarantee. Also, Grade Miners offers affordable prices for their services, the list of which is quite extensive. Every customer can earn money by sending a referral link to his friend. The site has a free plagiarism check service. Also, there is a blog with a large number of interesting articles. At the same time, there is no information about the authors. After placing an order, you do not have the opportunity to contact the writer directly. There is no separate tab with prices. Besides, there is a lack of reviews on the site. I made an order and was convinced of the quality of the services provided. Now it is your turn!

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.

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