HandMadeWriting.com Review [Update July 2024] – Can Negative Feedback Play into the Hands of Writing Services?

Are you looking for a writing company with affordable prices? Do you want to read useful educational articles? Then, check this page to find out about HandMade Writing com. It is a great company that provides diverse types of writing services.

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  • a user-friendly interface
  • money-back policy
  • free revisions
  • blog with educational articles


  • not enough experience
  • no information about social media
  • fake reviews

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Main page
Main page

Would you like to spend more time with your friends? Or, would you prefer to complete tons of assignments instead? It is obvious that students decide not to waste their precious time on a large amount of diverse papers. However, they will ask for professional help and look for writing companies which provide such services.

But there is a problem. There are many writing services that provide low-quality content or offer unaffordable prices. Is it possible to find a good writing company that provides decent written papers? 

After checking  many writing services, I have decided to devote this page to HandMade Writing. This website has drawn my attention because it leaves such a mixed impression to all who view it. 

Its history started in 2013, when the website was registered in Texas, USA.

Whois DomainTools
Whois DomainTools

According to the web. archive, it has been saved 199 times from 2018 to 2020, so it boasts great statistics. 


I know that customers usually pay attention to a company’s history and experience. HandMade Writing.com is relatively new; however, it has already found its loyal customers. 

I wouldn’t say that this writing company can be placed among the best ones, however, it has lots of advantages. It takes care of its customers and provides 100% confidentiality. Moreover, it suggests free revisions and offers refunds if a customer isn’t satisfied with the final piece.

Check this page to find a thorough review of the HandMade Writing service and find out if this company suitable for you?


I had faced many issues with writing services when I was a student. Also, I know that it is difficult to trust reviews, hence, this is why I often check such services for myself. I prefer to order sample essays to find out whether a company is trustworthy and to a high standard.

Sometimes I face companies who appear to be fraudsters, who just take money without providing any content at all. Other companies suggest low-quality content for such a high price.

Therefore, I ordered an essay in HandMade Writing myself and I can tell you  that Handmade Writing isn’t a scam as they prepared my paper. However, I feel obliged to mention that the quality of the content was average. Was I totally satisfied with the final work? No. Is the service trustworthy? Yes.

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Check out all the details and find out if this service really suits your needs. 

Pros and Cons

Like many other writing companies, HandMade also has both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at advantages that help this company stand out among competitors:


HandMade Writing is full of pros as:

  • It has a modern website with a user-friendly interface
A user-friendly interface
A user-friendly interface
  • It provides a reasonable money-back policy
  • It offers free revisions
  • Its customers can check the price before placing an order
  • HandMade Writing.com has a great blog with lots of useful educational articles
  • It suggests an FAQ that helps customers to get answers quickly
  • It has great customer support that answers rapidly

However, I would like to mention that the cons of the site may outweigh the advantages:


  • It doesn’t have enough experience in comparison with other writing services. It is stated that the company was founded in 2013. The first customer joined in 2015
  • The site does not contain any information about social media. It doesn’t provide any links to any other social platforms
  • It has lots of reviews on trusted websites. But the problem is that the majority of them seem to be fake

As I mentioned, HandMade Writing is bonafide and trustworthy, yet the quality of the provided papers isn’t high. Customers can expect free revisions and get useful information from the blog. However, this service isn’t the right one if the main thing for you is top-notch content.

Types of Services

Writing companies usually provide diverse types of services. It is possible to ask for help with dissertations, research papers, etc. HandMade Writing.com isn’t an exception. It suggests to its customers various writing styles/services from differing essay topics to academic papers.

It is easy to find all the suggested options on the website’s main page.

Types of services
Types of services

Moreover, HandMade service offers some additional services for an extra charge.

Additional services
Additional services

Customer Reviews

One of the main disadvantages is customer reviews, as the majority of them are fake. Users may find feedback on trusted websites, such as Sitejabber or TrustPilot. 

Average rating
Average rating

For example, Sitejabber has a lot of positive reviews, although most of them do not appear to be true. 

The same happens with Trustpilot. Even though the rate is high, the majority of reviews are not reliable.

However, TrustPilot has some negative reviews. They show that there are many customers that are not satisfied with the provided writing services.

Moreover, HandMade Writing replied to this review and assured the customer that it was possible to ask for a refund.


Lots of writing companies will push their customers to waste time searching for prices. Users need to fill in the forms to get an approximate sum for their orders.

One of the best features of HandMade Writing is that customers may check the prices before placing an order and you may actually find them on the main page. Additionally, there is a special table and calculator that will help you to get an approximate price before submitting an order. The total sum depends on the type of paper and the time it will take to complete this piece. 

Customer Support

This is the thing I enjoyed the most whilst trialing this website. HandMade Writing provides helpful FAQ and supports customers via diversified channels. They offer to contact them via phone, email, or online chat. It took me about two minutes to get an answer in the online chat, which was very useful.

It is also possible to rate the conversation and download the chat transcript. Overall, I feel that it is very convenient, as customers may want to share their feelings/opinions and have a record of the log. 

Moreover, the customer support team replies to negative comments on TrustPilot. It seems that they want to help customers who were not satisfied with the final papers. Subsequently, people may say that they are trying to justify themselves. Personally, I believe that this is a great way of dealing with problematic cases. Consequently, this helps HandMade company tackle their customer’s issues head-on, learn constructively from the feedback provided and improve their service. 

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Payment Methods

The company offers secure online payments, although it doesn’t suggest lots of payment methods. Customers may pay with by card only.



A typical question that each customer has is whether there are any guarantees. It is good to know that you are safe when you place an order. HandMade Writing.com provides a money-back policy. 

Money-back policy
Money-back policy

The service states that a refund is only offered in extreme measures, and customers may definitely expect it if:

  • there was a double-payment
  • two identical orders
  • the writer wasn’t assigned
  • a customer cancels an order before a writer is assigned

HandMade Writing also guarantees secure payment and privacy with 100% confidentiality.

How to Make an Order

There is a modern website available with a user-friendly interface. It is easy to place an order even if you are using the service for the first time. 

Firstly, customers need to register an account. As soon as an account is registered, customers may place a request by filling in the order form. Make sure to check the form before submitting your request.

The company states that its writing services are pre-paid. The system then starts to count down the days left before the deadline as soon as payment proceeds.

Loyalty Programs

This service offers two types of discounts. They have one-time discounts that can be found on the website. Also, they suggest special bonuses for loyal, long-term customers. 

If customers place three orders, they get a 5% lifetime discount. When they place ten or twenty orders, they may expect a 10% and 15% discount, respectively, for the next orders. The impressive feature is that these discounts are then attached to the user’s profile. They implement the discount automatically with each new order.

If customers want to get a one time discount for the first time, they need to contact support to get further details. 


HandMade Writing is an authorized company that provides various types of writing services. It offers a variety of discounts to newcomers and loyal customers. The company takes care of privacy and also suggests secure online payments.

I have tested this company myself by ordering a very simple essay there. I would say that their customer support is great. They replied in several minutes and helped me with all of my questions, plus I got my essay on time. However, I wasn’t totally satisfied with the quality. It was average, but I would say that the essay was worth the price I paid.

Indeed, HandMade Writing com has many reviews and as I previously mentioned, I don’t trust the majority of the feedback because lots of them are false. However, this is the correct example of showing that fake customer reviews may affect a company’s reputation. The great thing is that this service tries to reply to customers and solve the issues head-on. They suggest free revisions and refunds if customers aren’t satisfied with the provided service.

In conclusion, this writing company is definitely worth your attention. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are searching for an excellent writing service. However, if you need a reasonably good paper for a comparatively low price, HandMade Writing is the right choice. 

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.

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