Review [Update June 2024] – Look Before You Leap! is an average essay writing company. And though it has a long history and was on the market for quite some time. A lot of customer reviews and my personal experience can’t tell that this is a reliable essay writing service. And there is definitely a lot of room for improvement. Check out my review below to see all the details.

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  • Free revision
  • Flexible discount policy
  • Affordable prices


  • Poor customer service
  • Low-quality essays

Starting price

From 20.99$ / page


The Rush Essay was founded in 1997 but the website became active on in 2006. The company claims that it can spread satisfaction in customers because they research the market and maximize their services. Due to such needs, the company was founded based on hard work, research, and pure intentions. To provide the highest quality papers, the company claims that they understand the requirements and struggles of students worldwide. Also, the company mentions that they have a team of experienced writers who are keen on making students’ lives easier. Rush Essay is determined to provide editing assistance and top-notch writing that meets the high standards of the education system. However, all these claims could be hot air.

My first impression of the website was that it looked unprofessional. Also, they claim to conduct thorough research and write high-quality papers at affordable fees. After processing the order, the writers meet and deliver the paper on time. The company claims to have specialized in offering writing help to students at all academic levels. Their website claims “we do not assist you in cheating your professors.” That is one of the most ironic statements I have ever read. They go ahead and add that they ensure that writers only quote authoritative sources in the papers and that they do not let any plagiarism slip by. However, customer reviews

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They mention that ordering online is the only solution for foreign students. Also, they are the best option because it is hard to meet academic writing standards since you have to maintain proper style and grammar. The essay writing company seems to focus on foreign students. Therefore, it is not the best essay writing company for native English speakers. Rush Essay claims that they will keep your details private and that each paper is customized according to your needs. They suggest that they offer better quality and value for money in comparison to other companies in the industry. Main Page Main Page


I have a passion for identifying scam essay writing websites. I have been associated with several review services and services that have exposed scam essay companies. I get excited when I notice something fishy about some writing service. I believe people should get value for their money. A few weeks ago, a friend told me that I should check out Rush Essay because there have been several complaints from customers. I decided to investigate that essay writing company and wrote this review.

Pros and Cons


Free revision

The company allows free revisions when necessary. However, if you change the initial instructions, you may have to pay an extra fee. It ensures you get quality essays.

Flexible discount policy

You get a 15% discount on your first order. There are other discounts for customers according to the number of pages you have ordered. There are other discounts for loyal clients. 

Affordable prices

They have student-friendly prices. Also, the prices are customized to address different customer needs. 


Poor customer service

If you thought a tortoise was slow, guess again. They do not reply on time. Their online chat is just on their website for formal reasons only.

Low-quality essays

If you are a native English speaker, this is not the best site. They claim to have writers who are native English speakers. However, I believe that it is just one of the lies created to attract clients.

Types of Services

  • Custom Essays
  • Case Study
  • Coursework
  • Term paper
  • Research paper
  • Dissertation services
  • Editing services
  • Resume services
  • PowerPoint presentations

Customer Reviews

Out of all essay writing websites I have encountered, never have I struggled to find positive customer reviews like I did with Rush Essay. The company did not have a single positive customer review on TrustPilot. However, there were a couple of positive reviews on Site Jabber. The company claims to have writers with university degrees but the quality of their papers is substandard. Most clients claimed that the company kept asking for more money even after one had paid according to the figure calculated on the site. Furthermore, even after paying the extra fees, the papers were either late or had quality issues.

Notably, the most common complaint was about customer service. It is said that it takes years to build a reputation and a few minutes to ruin it. Rush Essay has lost control of its reputation among many people. They have had several negative customer reviews due to a long list of poor customer service. Whenever there is a bad experience, clients will be quick to post the information online. Other than leaving negative reviews, customers also vent their frustration on social media sites for their colleagues, peers, family, friends, and the entire world to see. More than 50% of customers share their experience with a company with five people. Many people have experienced low-quality services with Rush Essay and they shared their reviews with other people. One of the most valuable ways of marketing a product is through word of mouth. However, Rush Essay seemed to have failed in improving the customer’s image about their brand.


Price table
Price table

Rush Essay is medium-priced. Three main factors affecting the total cost of your order include academic level, number of pages, and deadline. Clients have an idea of the prices from the price calculator. Also, there is a dedicated pricing page as shown in the screenshot above that allows you to select the type of currency (EUR, AUD, GBP, USD). Rush Essay claims to have the most affordable prices in the industry. The starting price is $20.99 per page or 275 words for a high school academic level double spaced paper which is due in 10 days. Also, there is a free outline, free formatting, free unlimited amendments, free bibliography, and a free title page. There is a 15% discount for the first order.

Quality features features

The site claims that they have writers with university degrees who can provide quality papers. Also, they believe that they can provide custom-crafted papers from talented and well-trained employees who will deliver what you need. However, there have been several complaints from clients. Some of the writers have been unable to follow instructions even after review attempts. Other clients complained that the papers had poor quality and some clients were even claiming a refund from the company. Even the positive reviews complained about meeting deadlines and grammatical errors in some of the essays. The company did not have a single positive review on TrustPilot. They are quite rigid when settling disputes and refunds. Rush Essay has a problem refunding its clients even after delivering poor quality essays. Some of their employees complain that they were not paid even after customers have paid for orders. Based on customer reviews, Rush Essay needs to improve its quality because many clients are unsatisfied with their papers. 

Customer Support

Rush Essay has one of the worst customer support services I have ever encountered. I started a live chat and they did not reply. 

They have an email address, live chat, and a phone number on their site.

Communication methods
Communication methods

Some issues have made the company have a terrible customer service such as:

  • Long response times and wait times
  • Poor attention to customers’ instructions
  • Impersonal and unprofessional interactions with customers

Due to such traits, Rush Essay has faced many negative customer reviews. Also, they could be having leads that do not convert because of the negative reviews it has had. The lifetime value of the clients is reducing due to poor customer support. It has destroyed the average customer lifetime value. Rush Essay claims that they have a reliable customer care center and support team which is always online 24/7. However, they did not answer my question. Failure to answer customers’ questions is quite unprofessional. If the support team is unable to answer questions at the right time, customers can miss deadlines for important submissions.

Payment Methods

Payment methods available
Payment methods available

Rush Essay accepts American Express, Maestro, Discover Card, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, and Visa. The company also accepts PayPal. One of the primary reasons that Rush Essays accepts credit cards is to eliminate the risk of bad checks. They will not have to track down clients to adequately pay for the services. Also, credit card processing can work within reasonable budgets.



The company cannot and does not guarantee that any of the writing services, including formatting, proofreading, and editing services, will be plagiarism-free. All cancellations and refunds must be expressed and communicated in writing to the Support Team or the Order Messaging System. A full refund is only possible before a writer is assigned the order. Customers cannot get a full refund after a writer was assigned to the order. Because the writer spent some effort and time on the order, they are usually compensated for the work done. If you order a refund because of poor quality papers, clients must provide examples and strong reasons for the refund within 72 hours after the order was completed. It is essential to note that customers must provide a list of violations that must be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department for evaluation and approval. However, the Quality Assurance Department has the power to decline refund inquiries.

How to make an order

The first step is placing your order accompanied by detailed instructions on what is required as shown below.

The next step involves filling the billing information.

After filling in the billing information and making the payment, the writing process begins. You can communicate directly with the writer and keep track of your paper’s progress. You can request the writer to give you a draft to ensure that their writing meets your requirements. The next stage is paper delivery. You can later make several amendments until you achieve the desired quality.

Loyalty program

Rush Essay has a discount program to benefit loyal clients. The discount is dependent on the amount of money you have spent on your order. There are different levels of discounts such as 5%, 7%, 13%, and 17%. The more pages you order on the site, the higher your discount. However, the loyalty program is exclusively for loyal clients. 


There are qualities of a good essay writing company. The main feature is good writers who can provide customers with high-quality services. A reliable company should meet deadlines so that customers cannot miss important submissions. Furthermore, a company must provide 24/7 nonstop and effective customer support. Also, the company must guarantee its clients custom writing. Due to these features, I would not recommend Rush Essays to other people. Some of their writers produce low-quality papers. Moreover, some of the writers are unable to meet deadlines and guarantee custom writing. Many customers have complained about their ineffective customer support team. Due to such complaints, you should save your money for the more reliable essay writing companies.

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