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Are you searching for a great writing service that provides diverse types of writing assignments? Then, check this page to find out about It is a dependable writing company with top experts available around the globe.

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  • a user-friendly interface
  • shows the experts
  • many reviews on trusted services
  • active social media pages
  • excellent blog with educational articles


  • poor customer support

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Main Page
Main Page

Increasingly, people prefer to save their time and ask professionals to complete varied types of assignments for them. Multitudes of people,  from students to businessmen, can find what they need on these sites. There are various writing companies that are at hand to provide assistance. 

Lots of writing services appear on a regular basis. Some of them are trustworthy and have lots of positive reviews. But the majority of top writing services are only available at high prices. Is it possible to find a good writing company at affordable prices? Seemingly, it becomes apparent that this task isn’t challenging at all. You just need to browse the Internet, check reviews, and find a suitable service. In reality, there are many scammers pretending to provide these writing services online. They buy falsified reviews or take the money and provide low-quality content.

Personally, I have faced such issues many times. That is why I have started to review writing services. And I am here to provide researched information about diversified writing companies. Previously, I have already checked many writing services, but this particular page will be devoted to 

I will overview the main advantages and disadvantages of this writing service. You will get thorough information about various factors that are important when you choose a company to prepare your papers. 

Typically, I will find useful, guaranteed facts, because I know customers will trust services with valuable experience. The company started its activity in 2011, and it records great statistics according to the web.archive.

Studybay Statistics on
Studybay Statistics on

Moreover, I have checked the quality of the papers provided myself, therefore, I am ready to share an unbiased opinion about Studybay com.


As aforementioned, I prefer to check writing companies myself. It is important to order a sample paper to get an idea of the service provided. Hence, why I contacted customer support and ordered a small essay. I wouldn’t say that my experience was perfect, however, this writing service is definitely worth your attention. It has many benefits and completes the work on time. 

Pros and Cons

Undoubtedly, each writing service has its advantages and disadvantages. Studybay isn’t an exception. On the one hand, it has many positive reviews from satisfied customers, however on the other hand, its customer support leaves much to be desired.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons that a customer may experience if they choose


  • It has a great website with a modern design and a user-friendly interface
  • It shows the experts and even offers an opportunity to become one of them
  • It has many reviews. Both on the website and trusted review services
  • It has the option of choosing an expert before placing an order
Choose Expert
Choose Expert
  • It provides FAQ for students and experts
  • It has social media pages. And even attaches links to them
Social Media
Social Media
  • It suggests various support channels. Customers may get help via email or in online chat
  • It has an excellent blog with useful educational articles
Studybay Blog
Studybay Blog
  • It provides examples of the works
  • Customers may choose an expert by themselves after placing an order


Studybay has lots of advantages. However, it also has some cons. The main disadvantage that I want to point to is their customer support. You will need to wait for half an hour to get an answer in an online chat. Granted, this probably highlights how writing services can experience lots of orders. But I need to mention that such cons may dissatisfy customers if they want to get answers urgently. 

Online chat
Online chat

Studybay isn’t a scam, and the service has lots of pros. It doesn’t only provide writing services but also suggests useful articles in its blog. However, they should definitely pay attention to customer support response time. Companies that offer 24/7 support usually have more frequent and loyal customers.

Types of Services

One of the features of Studybay com is the range of writing services they include. Customers may order mixed assignments, from simple essays to complete business plans. 

The full list of suggested writing services is placed at the end of the page in “Links.”

Types of Services
Types of Services

Customer Reviews

When people choose writing services, they often rely on customer reviews. Although, I would say that it is not the best idea to trust them wholeheartedly, as it is quite easy to buy/falsify them nowadays. 

Studybay has many reviews. Some of them are true, while others seem to be fake. Customers may find reviews on their own website. However, the Studybay service is known on various trusted and respected review sites. Customers can also find reviews on Sitejabber, ReviewCenter, and TrustPilot.

The average rating is +4, where lots of users mention how they were satisfied with the services.


Prices could be described as Studybay’s weak point. There aren’t any price tables or approximate cost of the papers available. Studybay connects writers and customers, and it is only possible to know the price after placing an order. Users then need to wait for bids from the writers in the Auction section. 

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Subsequently, it can be viewed as a con. Customers then need to waste their precious time checking if the price suits them. Nevertheless, there aren’t any intermediaries. It means that the cost will be minimal.

Furthermore, the best thing is that provides a partial payment option. However, it will add an extra 10% to your payment. 

Customer Support

The website provides support via different channels. Customers may ask questions via phone, email, or online chat. Personally, I tried both email or chat and can get replies from both channels.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t say that customer support is a strong point for this writing company. The online chat states that the average time for getting a reply is 5 minutes. In reality, it may take you up to 30 minutes to get answers. When you write your request in the chat, you will then get an approximate timeout period. 

Online chat
Online chat

The superb thing is that Studybay offers an excellent FAQ for both writers and customers.

Payment Methods

Customers may pay with a card or via PayPal. The service guarantees secure payments and will put your money on hold. You are only charged after the final paper is ready, and your warranty period expires.

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Studybay is a valued company, and it is ready to guarantee its customers a quality service. It offers original papers that are prepared in accordance with instructions. Customers may expect free revisions and refunds if they aren’t satisfied with the final product.

Similarly, the company also provides fund guarantees. They re-add the money to your account, which is secured by E-Money and Platron. Customers may withdraw the funds at any time. When the customer chooses a writer, the money is put on hold. The money is then later released and this happens when customers approve their order. Also, the 20-days warranty expires.

How to Make an Order

As mentioned above, has a user-friendly interface. It makes it easy to place an order even if it is your first time.

The process of ordering a paper is clear:

Customers may pick a writer by rating, reviews, and offer price. The deadlines are set by the users, and it is possible to place an urgent order. This order will be completed within 24 hours. 

It will be possible to communicate with your writer directly. Customers may ask for drafts and leave some comments before getting a final version. 

Loyalty Program

Studybay states that it offers affordable prices to its customers. It doesn’t have any special bonuses or loyalty programs. 


There are a huge amount of writing companies on the market nowadays. Some of them provide high-quality service but the suggested prices are outrageous. Other companies offer affordable prices but provide low-quality content.

It is difficult to find a middle ground. I have been checking multitudes of writing services, and I can honestly say that none of them are perfect. Each service has its advantages and disadvantages. is no exception. 

Studybay is respected and trustworthy. It has a modern website, it utilises multiple social media pages, and suggests a variety of writing services. Studybay guarantees secure transactions, as well as the highest quality of papers provided.

It has a good rating and lots of positive reviews from satisfied customers. However, if you have questions and need answers urgently, this service may be the wrong one. The website offers a good FAQ, but it takes too much time to get a reply from customer support.

To conclude, I would recommend this service if you are ready to place your order without any assistance. The quality of papers is great, and you will get your assignment sent to you on time. Studybay guarantees zero plagiarised papers and provides a 20 days warranty period to each customer. 

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.

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