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Do you want to get a high-quality writing service at affordable prices? Are you in search of a company that provides good customer support? Then, avoid using unemployedprofessors.com. Check out this article to find why it’s not worthy.

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  • more than 10 years of experience
  • nice design
  • great account on social media


  • almost no information about the company
  • complicated to place an order
  • lots of fake reviews
  • poor customer support
  • lack of guarantees

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Students always wonder how to find a reliable writing company that will help them get the best grades. Indeed, there are plenty of suggestions on the market, but what services are worthy? If you’ve read my reviews, you know that I’ve been searching for a perfect company for quite a while. I’ve cooperated with dozens of paper help services and still haven’t found the best one.

Unfortunately, there are lots of scammers. Plus, there are companies that provide clients with poor-quality content. Thus, I’ve decided to share my reviews and experience to help students wisely pick a company to work with. I always remind them that it’s essential to pay attention to details and check such things as:

  • company’s history;
  • guarantees;
  • customer reviews on trusted websites;
  • customer support;
  • prices;
  • types of provided services, etc

before placing an order. This page is devoted to the Unemployedprofessors.com review. Spoiler: I’d not recommend this service to those who want to get high-quality papers and excellent service. Check it out to find more details about this writing company. 


I prefer to trust companies that never hide any facts or information. Hence, I always check the history of any service I plan to cooperate with. 

Honestly, this is probably the most unusual writing service I’ve ever dealt with. It has a unique design, and I’d not call it user-friendly. I’ve looked through all the pages and haven’t found any relevant information about the company. There’s no contact info and nothing about the date when the website was created. 

Luckily, I can rely on webarchive, and I’ve checked the relevant data there. According to it, the site was created in 2011 and had been operating for more than 10 years . Frankly speaking, almost nothing has changed since that time.

webarchive statistics
webarchive statistics

Pros And Cons

Although I won’t recommend this service, it still has some advantages as:


  • nice design, which makes it stand out among other writing companies;
  • 10 years of experience and some loyal customers;
  • great accounts on social media with plenty of followers

But that’s all the things the service can be proud of. Unfortunately, its drawbacks outweigh pluses:


  • there’s no information about the company. It’s impossible to find any relevant data even if you use all your detective skills;
  • there are lots of fake reviews on the main page. However, if you look at feedback on trusted websites, you will see what real users think about this company;
  • it’s a bit complicated to place an order as the whole process is confusing. Plus, there’s no chance you know the approximate sum of the order in advance. Basically, you have no idea how much your paper will cost until your order is taken by any writer

Types Of Services

Do you want to have a choice and pick among diverse types of services? Then, unemployedprofessors isn’t the company you are looking for. It suggests a limited amount of writing services, and users may check them on the main page under the “Student SERVICES” tab. 

As you can see, the company suggests assistance with diverse types of papers. Users can order essays, research papers, dissertations, and thesis writing. Plus, it provides editing services and can help students buy/sell/rent textbooks. 

types of services
types of services


One of the worst things about this service is the fact that it’s not user-friendly at all. Even though the website has an original design and seems quite modern, it’s pretty difficult to find relevant information. For instance, I’ve spent about 20 minutes trying to find anything about suggested prices. But, I failed as the service doesn’t provide any price page, tab, or calculator. It seems that you can only guess how much your order could be. And the sum will be visible only after you place an order; the writer accepts it and sets the price.  


Indeed, it’s not convenient as it takes plenty of time and effort. Why should I order a paper if I have no idea whether I can afford it or not? Absolutely weird!

Customer Support

Well, you may suggest that if a service has so many cons, it should provide excellent customer support that compensates them all. The truth is that unemployedprofessors.com isn’t the place where users get assistance from the team. 

The service doesn’t share any contact information. It doesn’t even have an online chat. Basically, the only way to get answers to your questions is to read the FAQ section. 



An essential criterion to pay attention to when selecting a writing company is the quality of provided services. Let’s take a closer look at what users who pick unemployedprofessors.com can expect:

  1. Quality of service and Guarantees. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything from this service. Surprisingly, I’ve found privacy policy and terms and conditions. However, it was the only good point as the service doesn’t offer a money-back policy or any guarantees. I feel that it’s not safe to cooperate with this company.
Privacy Policy and terms of service
Privacy Policy and terms of service
  1. Samples. There aren’t any samples of final papers on the website. It means that users don’t have a chance to evaluate the quality of papers before ordering writing assistance. 
  2. Qualification of writers. Try to guess…Right, no information about writers. You won’t find whether they are qualified or what their level of language is. 

As you can see, this service is definitely not the one you can rely on. No guarantees, no information, no possibility to contact the team. If you are ready to try your luck, order papers at unemployedprofessors.com.

How To Place An Order

I’ve been looking for the “Click here” button for several minutes until I realized that you need to register first. So, I created an account. And then it led me to the order form:

Customer Reviews

Like many other services, unemployedprofessors.com shares only positive reviews on its website:


It seems that the feedback users find on the company’s website is fake. Pay attention to the dates of reviews. Back to the future?
If you check the profiles on TrustPilot and Sitejabber, we will see a completely different picture. 

There aren’t any reviews at all on SiteJabber:


The situation with TrustPilot is a bit better:

Social Media

Well, it seems that the service takes social media seriously as it has various accounts. Customers may find all the links at the very bottom of the main page. The company has profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube.  The number of subscribers and everyday posts make me become a fan of these accounts. Good job! 

Indeed, this fact can’t bring them loyal users as clients look for quality papers, not great social media accounts. 


All in all, if you are in search of a good writing company with diverse guarantees and a customer-oriented approach, this service isn’t the best option. Even though it has an original website and plenty of followers on social media, it doesn’t pay attention to clients. First, there’s almost no information about the company and its history. Second, it’s impossible to find prices, and it’s quite difficult to place an order. Plus, all the reviews placed on the website seem to be fake. 

So, if you are ready to waste your time and money, order papers at unemployedprofessors. But, if you need original and flawless papers written by specialists, the best idea is to pick another writing company.

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