The Difference Between ENL vs ESL Writers: Which One to Choose?

What is a Professional Essay Writing Service? What is ESL writing? My Guide Has the Answers!

That essay submission date is looming, and you still haven’t got around to writing it. Or you’ve tried and tried and just can’t get a handle on this particular essay question. What to do? Help is at hand – there are literally thousands of writers out there ready and willing to help you out. Spend some time online to find the essay writing service that best suits you (don’t forget to check out my reviews here). So, now you have made the decision to pay someone else to write your essay and, of course, you want the best result, but you’re confronted with another decision: ENL or ESL? An ENL is a writer who is a native English speaker, and an ESL is a non-native English speaker who is fluent enough to write in English as a second language. So, does it matter which kind of writer you entrust your essay to? I think it does. Now, one is not necessarily better than the other, it depends on what you want from your writer and (let’s be honest) what you’re prepared to pay. So, should you choose an ENL or an ESL? This guide will give you all the information you need to make the decision.

ESL Essay Writing – Advantages

They will work just as hard for less

ESL writers speak English as a second language, and their standards (and results) will vary: some may be almost (almost!) as good as an ENL, others will be a little further away from that ideal. Most ESL writers live in countries where wages are low, so they will work for less: a distinct advantage to the writing service that employs them, and good news for you. Paying less doesn’t necessarily mean a poorer result.

They might even work harder for less

Secondly, ESL writers are in the majority, so they know they need to work harder to stand head and shoulders above the competition; this not only means that they’re likely to do the best job they can, but also that they’re more likely to agree to further revisions and tweaks.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects are their strength

Of course, you want your paper written in grammatical English, but if it relates to a STEM subject, the perfection of the language is likely to be less important that the correctness of the various chemical formulae and mathematical equations: luckily, many ESL writers are particularly skilled in STEM disciplines.

ESL Essay Writers – Disadvantages

Weaker English language skills

The downside of using an ESL writer is fairly obvious: their language skills are unlikely to be as fluent as those of an ENL. The flow of the language will just not come as easily to them, and even the best may make mistakes. Before you dismiss ESL writers on this basis, have a think about your own writing style. Are you a native English speaker? Is perfection likely to ring alarm bells with your teacher/lecturer/examiner.  Would a slightly less perfect result be more in keeping with your own style?

ENL Essay Writers – Advantages

They speak the language – strong English language skills

The biggest bonus of hiring an ENL writer is the obvious one: they are going to be able to provide more naturally fluent prose. They can concentrate on the content of the paper more fully because they do not need to think about the language. If your paper requires excellent English, an ENL is going to be the best choice.

ENL Essay Writers – Disadvantages

You’ll need to dig deeper – they’re more expensive

The downside of ENL writers should also be obvious by this stage: they are going to be more expensive, sometimes considerably so. Partly because ENLs tend to live in countries where the cost of living is higher, and partly because they can demand more for their services, you are going to pay more.

The language is no problem, but they may be less creative/hardworking

This, of course, is a generalisation. Some ENLs will produce perfect prose. Others, even if they have spoken and written English their whole lives, may not. It’s also possible that they are going to put less effort into your paper than an ESL because the writing comes more easily to them. As well as this, creativity is a separate factor altogether from language skills.


Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.  If you’re willing to pay more, the product/service/result is likely to be better and this holds true in the world of essay-writing (but there is help available! Discount coupons for some services can be found here).

This doesn’t mean you should dismiss the possibility of hiring an ESL. If you value effort and collaboration above perfection, and particularly if your subject is within the STEM area, consider using an ESL. Depending on the essay-writing service you choose, you may be able to specify a subject-oriented writer, and even discuss your paper with them first.  If you feel comfortable with the responses from an ESL writer, go for it!

It’s worth taking another couple of factors into account before you make a final decision: your own proficiency in the English language and your own writing style. Your teacher/lecturer/examiner is likely to be aware of both these things. If they have already seen your written work, they will have an idea of your proficiency and style.  If your English isn’t perfect, turning in a perfect piece of prose may cause them to ask questions. So, whatever type of writer you choose, read the work you receive before you submit it (astonishingly, some students don’t!)  If you spot any obvious differences with your own style, make sure to re-write those passages.

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