Six Obvious Mistakes Essay Writing Service Users Make

Want to use an Essay Writing Service? Avoid these Obvious Mistakes!

You are going to entrust your precious essay to one of the many essay writing services. You are going to sit back and let someone else take the strain. You are going to spend some of your hard-earned cash, but that’s okay, because you’ve weighed up the advantages and disadvantages and decided that it’s the right decision for you (and besides, I’m able to offer you some fantastic discounts here). Now, don’t let it all go wrong by making an obvious mistake that causes you to regret your decision. Read on for info on the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them. Make this decision work!

The Big Three Mistakes

1. Revisions and Editing

You’ve received your article and read it over and it’s looking good! But there are a couple of areas that need editing. You did check that edits are included in the price, didn’t you? Some essay writing services include revision policies, but others don’t, so make sure you’re aware of what you’re getting. It’s not a disaster, because you can re-write small sections yourself, but it’s better to be aware of that when you hand over your money.  Related to revisions and editing is the time either you or your writer will need to do them: see ‘Two Deadlines’ below!

2. Plagiarism

You definitely don’t want anything to do with plagiarism, but, yes, it’s possible to pay for a hand-crafted essay by a supposed expert in the field and end up with a paper that has been either wholly or partly plagiarised. And it’s possible you won’t even know until your Professor calls you in for a meeting. Thankfully, most essay writing services offer a 100% guarantee that their essays are written exactly to your specification and will run it through plagiarism-spotting software to prove it and send you the results. A service that doesn’t offer this might well be cheaper, but is it worth the risk? You’d rather not have that meeting with your Professor, right?


It seemed like a good deal: the essay writing service promised you the Earth, and at a rock-bottom price. Of course, you were tempted! And now? Your heart sinks as you realise you might as well have paid your cat to write it. It has to be said that most services are pretty reliable and do their best to meet your needs, but yes, there are some that are only after your money (I know, surprise!) And once you’ve handed over the cash for an essay that Kitty could have done in his sleep, you’re not getting it back. I’m here to save you from that – there are essay writing services that allow you to put your money into an escrow account, meaning you’ve made the money available but do not need to release it until you’re happy with the work you receive. Both you and Kitty can rest easy.

The Big Three Newbie Mistakes

4. English just TOO Perfect                                      

You’re a good student, even though English is your second language.  But even students who are fluent in English as a second language rarely produce a perfect paper. And your Professor has known many, many students, and is undoubtedly aware of this fact. So, save yourself the embarrassment (and probably some money) and make sure you ask for an ESL (English as a second language) writer. Their writing style is much more likely to mirror your own and you won’t have to convince your Professor that you really are the new William Shakespeare.

5. Two Deadlines       

Let’s hope that your paper is delivered on time and is just what you were hoping for. But just in case, make sure to give yourself a bit of space between the deadline you give the essay writing service and your actual submission deadline. You may need that space to request revisions, or even to make small adjustments yourself. It’s all to easy to supply the essay service with your university or school submission deadline (because it’s going round and round in your head), but think twice, and don’t! Give yourself that little bit of space (even just 24hrs) to carry out the necessary checks.  

6. Disappearing Writer?

Keep in touch with your writer (or the essay service itself) the first time you use them. Life happens and there are any number of reasons that your plans could be upset: your writer doesn’t really understand the brief, becomes unwell and is unable to finish the paper, or is not keeping the deadline at the forefront of their mind (unlike you). It’s perfectly reasonable to nudge your writer every now and then: Are things ok? Anything not clear? On track for the deadline? It goes without saying that I am not suggesting you hassle your writer – they have plenty to do and can best serve you by getting on with it; an occasional short message is ok though.


An essay writing service and a good writer are valuable resources for any student that feels essay-writing isn’t a mission-critical part of their academic career.  The most important aspect of using such a service is to choose both the service and your writer carefully (check out my reviews here) by weighing up exactly what is important to you. There are a lot of services out there and a lot of information (even other review sites, although none as accurate as mine!) It really is worth spending some time checking out the offers before you commit yourself.  And in the same vein, make sure to leave your own review. If the writer scored you an A, give them a shout out; and if things didn’t go as planned, make sure to warn others.

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