6 Reasons for Why Essay Writing Services Are Safe and Worth Your Time and Money



Modern students lead really full and busy lives. Many of them combine study at college or university with a part-time job or a necessity to take care of family members. According to Gallup Poll, engaged and hopeful students have more chances to demonstrate better academic performance. However, it is pretty difficult to stay enthusiastic living a life full of challenges. A variety of academic assignments being submitted at the same time can become the last straw. In this situation, every student needs a helping hand to cope with all of this pressure. So, custom essay writing services might seem to be a good way to save your time and relieve stress. 

Nonetheless, before coming up with a final decision, it is essential to weigh up the pros and cons. Is it safe to use essay writing services? This is probably the very first question every responsible student should ask. Today, safe essay writing websites are not something new and exclusive. Most of them operate in accordance with the law and have a comprehensive legal basis. But still, not all of them are safe. While choosing a custom essay writing service, jumping to the cheapest option can lead to major disappointment. However, there is a chance to stumble across a good exception. Meanwhile, expensive services do not always meet customers’ expectations. 

Overall, before dealing with any custom writing company, you need to find answers to many of your questions. If you make a mistake while choosing an essay writing service, you can face plagiarized content, late delivery, or unsatisfactory work. Thus, in this article, we will figure out if buying essays online is safe and how to choose a great custom writing service.

Reasons Why Custom Essay Writing Services Are Safe


When you entered university, you probably felt enthusiastic and full of hope. It seems that you can handle multiple tasks, maintain a good academic performance, and have a part-time job or take part in other activities. Yet, the ugly truth is that we all have particular limitations, i.e. we are not superheroes. A life full of stress can lead you to burnout before you actually start your career. Consequently, this is why not every student succeeds to complete a bachelor’s degree in four years. By now, up to 60% of students spend about 6 years instead of 4 to graduate. 

In this situation, turning for professional assistance seems to be reasonable for many of us. Today, buying essays online is not a big deal. Custom writing is legal and there are a considerable amount of safe essay writing services. Although, as I have mentioned in my previous articles and reviews, not every custom writing company is worth your time or money. Scam websites do still exist and I do my best to inform you of them. 

Yet, this is not a reason to reject the idea of using an essay writing service. There are also many trustworthy companies that can ensure secure interaction and a reliable experience. Thus, the list of reasons why essay writing services are safe can only refer to reliable and legitimate companies. Now, let’s take a look into these reasons in detail.

1. Custom writing companies operate in accordance with the law

In English-speaking countries, custom writing is not prohibited. It is a legal niche that operates in accordance with the law. Many companies do not conceal such data as registration date, legal address, phone number, and other corporate details. You can find some information on how the service operates and who it hires in the Terms and Conditions. 

Not only students but also professionals turn to custom writing companies as they provide a variety of business writing and ghostwriting services. Thus, the industry greatly contributes to different business processes. 

However, it is still a grey niche concerning academic writing as according to universities’ policies it is prohibited to employ someone else to write your assignment. So, students should do their best not to get caught. Nevertheless, custom writing services can guarantee full confidentiality and security of your personal information.

2. Essay writing services provide professional assistance

professional assistance
professional assistance

Companies with a solid reputation can afford to hire professionals with diverse backgrounds and various degrees in particular disciplines. For all students, it is a crucial criterion while choosing a platform. This is the key guarantee that your paper will correspond to all of your requirements. Most companies provide details about authors on the main page, including profiles and descriptions of their qualifications. Some writers can even boast Master’s or PhD degrees, and you can rank them in accordance to expertise, as well as experience. 

There is a common misbelief that such services can effectively deal with only assignments on humanities and social sciences. However, every reputable essay writing service also hires professionals with technical or scientific backgrounds.

3. Reliable companies provide only unique content

The uniqueness of academic papers is the first thing a reputable essay writing service ensures. Every company regards as a mandate to place their information on plagiarism-free content on the main page. Of course, sometimes you need to check it twice before placing an order. Although, if your choice was initially right, you do not need to worry about the uniqueness. 

As a rule, custom writing companies employ modern plagiarism detection software and provide plagiarism reports if necessary. Still, if your paper contains any sign of plagiarism, you are eligible to request a refund.

4. Your privacy is ensured

As revealing the fact of buying an essay can lead to grave consequences for students, essay writing services guarantee that all personal information and details about your order is confidential. Thus, it is not a big deal to keep secret the fact that someone worked on your paper for you. Subsequently, who will know if you do not tell it yourself? 

Confidentiality is the first rule of this business. Thus, the Privacy Policy section goes third in the Terms and Conditions. So, you just need to spare some time for checking the policy before placing an order.

5. Guarantees are what you can rely on


Essay writing companies make a significant effort to earn the trust of their customers. Thus, guarantees are the least they can provide to do that. There are different policies that can improve your experience of using a particular essay writing service:

  • Refund policy: it can tell you how you can get compensation. The percentage of a refund will depend on a particular situation. In some cases, you can get full compensation. But sometimes, you can rely on at least a partial refund (for example, if your paper has been delivered later than the proposed deadline). 
  • Revision policy: it determines how many times and when you can get a revision. Most custom writing services provide up to 3 free revisions. However, some companies do not put any limits on how many times you can revise your paper for free. The revision policy also defines when you can get a revision and the time it takes to receive your revised paper. 
  • Compliance with deadlines: trustworthy essay writing services ensure on-time delivery as it is crucial for customers. Many companies deal with tight deadlines. In this case, the cost of your paper will be higher, but you can request a refund if it is delivered later than this time. 
  • Privacy policy: aforementioned, it guarantees security and privacy of your personal details as well as full confidentiality. 
  • Plagiarism-free content: it ensures the uniqueness of your papers. If the service fails to provide plagiarism-free assignments, you can get full compensation.

6. Customer support will address your concerns

Additionally, customer support operates 24/7. Likewise, it is not a precaution but a vital necessity. By doing so, companies target a wider audience. Thus, you can turn to them for feedback even late at night. Customer managers will provide you all of the necessary information and answer any pressing questions. It also makes it easier to address your concerns and manage the process of the writing.

Helpful Tips to Use When Searching For an Essay Writing Company

The ability to choose a safe essay writing service is more critical than ever. If you make a wrong choice, you risk losing your money and wasting your precious time. Both things are crucial for all students. Besides, you can face very unpleasant consequences. If some plagiarism is detected in your paper, your reputation will be questioned. However, I have already addressed this issue in the previous article, so you can check these recommendations. Now, let’s discuss how to choose a safe essay writing service.

1. Prioritize the best value for money 

value for money

Writing papers is not a labor of love. High-quality works are worth their weight in gold. However, figuring out the most appropriate option might take some time. The cheapest writing services cannot always provide papers that will correspond to all of your criteria. At the same time, custom writing companies with high prices are not always the best in the business. Therefore, the right way of choosing an essay writing service is to select the option with the best price-quality ratio. Of course, it is quite challenging to evaluate the quality before you receive the paper. Yet, you can check the reviews and samples on the websites.

2. Check if the company is legal

A safe essay writing service should always be legal. It means that it operates in accordance with the law and provides all essential guarantees. Thus, the company should be registered, have a legal address, phone number, and email. You can rarely find the information about it on the main page of the website. However, you can check the Terms and Conditions in the “About” page. Furthermore, provided you cannot find out these details, you can contact a support manager. If the company has a legal basis, there is no problem getting the relevant information. Otherwise, you should reject this platform entirely.

3. Observe the guarantees

Some guarantees are always placed on the main page, but also there are aspects hidden in other sections. Thus, looking through the Terms and Conditions you might find some pitfalls. The number of free revisions, cases of refund, guarantees of uniqueness, and categories of writers are what you have to pay attention to foremost. The delivery time also matters. Hence, this is why you should check when and how your paper will be delivered. Plus, it is worth clarifying the sources used and the type of plagiarism-detecting software employed.

4. Look through reviews

Checking reviews
Checking reviews

Reviews are essential as they are the only way you can evaluate the quality of content before placing an order. Other customers’ experiences can tell a lot about the overall company’s policy and how much it is consistent with the terms presented. When reviewing new custom writing services, I always check platforms such as Sitejabber or TrustPilot. You can also check my reviews here

5. Check writers’ profiles

Most essay writing services assign a writer for your task automatically, by choosing from available options. However, you can also prioritize a category of authors via the live chat. Besides, reliable companies always give you a chance to contact a writer before he/she starts working on your assignment. Also, you can often find writers’ profiles on the website. They are usually ranked, so do not hesitate to check them out and select the best option.

6. Try out the customer support

Customer service provides the basis for effective communication. If you have any questions, the easiest way to get a reply is to contact a manager via the live chat. If the company cares about its reputation, the support manager will answer you within a minute. Before buying an essay you need to check if it is possible to manage the process of the writing. If customer support leaves much to be desired, you’d better prioritize other options.


Sometimes exams can catch you on the fly. If you have to write too many assignments, it is hardly possible to make each one perfect. Consequently, custom essay writing services are able to address some of your problems and help you to maintain good academic performance. Nonetheless, while dealing with a new company, you always will grasp the nettle. So, you need to spend some time to find a safe essay writing service, as jumping to the first option can cost you not only your time but also your money.

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