Is It Cheating to Buy College Research Papers Or Use Any Type of Essay Writing Services?

writing a dissertation
writing a dissertation

More and more companies that provide diversified writing services appear on the market nowadays. As students usually have tons of assignments, they prefer to ask for professional paper help. It saves their time and lets them do the things they enjoy. Nevertheless, the majority of people still claim that it is cheating to buy papers instead of preparing them on your own.

This article is devoted to this controversial topic. It will describe how to use such services in a proper way and explain why using essay writing services is a safe and legal endeavor.

Is It Legal To Ask For Professional Writing Help?

a girl is wondering if it is legit to buy academic papers
a girl is wondering if it is legit to buy academic papers

Most students are exhausted by multiple assignments they need to complete permanently. They keep searching for diverse articles that can help them create papers rapidly. Indeed, numerous tips and tricks make them feel more confident while preparing ordinary essays. But, it is still quite challenging to find ideas on how to write a good dissertation. On top of that, not all colleges provide instructions on how to write academic papers properly. As a result, students feel confused and often decide to ask for professional help.

But even having an opportunity to get their paper done, they still wonder if they can use this option. They usually wonder if it is legit to buy academic papers. And most of them want to know why some people still believe that it is cheating to ask for research paper help?

Aforementioned, this topic still raises mixed reactions among students and professors. On the one hand, such services have lots of advantages as they:

  • offer high-quality content for affordable prices
  • help explain some comprehensive topics 
  • enhance students knowledge
  • provide multiple links to various sources
  • collect useful information and share unique examples
  • correspond with intellectual property and copyright laws

Generally speaking, these companies offer plagiarism-free works that can be used as:

  • original papers
  • sample models for future papers

Do you still wonder how to use such services properly and be sure that you aren’t cheating? Check some useful tips presented below.

How To Use Writing Services Properly?

As stated above, numerous companies let customers hand prepared papers in as their own ones. Once again, it won’t be cheating as you pay for the work, and writers create unique and plagiarism-free papers following your guidelines. For instance, multiple companies publish content that is often written by professionals. Is this case considered to be plagiarism? No. They hire writers that can prepare persuasive and engaging advertisements. 

There are some more examples showing that asking for professional help is safe and rational. But what if you’ve checked a variety of them but still feel that ordering a dissertation is cheating? 

Try to find some pros and cons of using paper help. Basically, you need to realize that you will pay services for:

  • collecting useful information and relevant facts and examples
  • explanation of the topic and providing extra ideas that will help you understand it better
  • a thorough guideline that will let you create your paper faster

Find reliable services and use the papers they make as sample models. In this case, you will stop thinking that you are doing something illegal.

But how to find a reliable company? How to ensure that it provides high-quality service and suggests reasonable prices? 

Find A Reliable Company

Although there is a huge amount of writing services available nowadays, finding a reliable one is quite challenging. Some companies falsify reviews and provide low-quality content. 

Luckily, there are various reviews of top companies that can help customers make the right choice. 

The main criteria that should be taking into consideration when selecting a service are:

  • feedback on various trusted review sources
  • reasonable prices
  • clear money-back policy
  • range of provided services
  • guarantees
  • loyalty programs
  • perks and bonuses
  • customer support
  • discounts
  • free revisions

When it comes to writing a dissertation, one of the main points is surely the writers’ professionalism. It is better to pick a service that works with qualified English native speakers with degrees. Unfortunately, not all companies have writers that specialize in some particular fields. It is better to choose services that have many specialists on staff.

Moreover, it is perfect if a service provides an option of selecting a professional. Check if it is possible to contact a writer and make adjustments and leave some comments.

Place An Order In Advance

Unfortunately, plenty of students procrastinate and usually leave all the things for later. But, it is better to take care of your assignment in advance as:

  • you won’t need to pay extra for urgency
  • you will have enough time to check the sample and create your own paper

However, if you are in a hurry, the majority of companies are glad to prepare papers rapidly. Ensure that you will have plenty of time to examine the completed paper meticulously before you hand it in. 

Get Your Paper And Check It

When your paper is ready, check it properly and make sure that you are satisfied with the quality of the content. Don’t hesitate to ask for revisions if you feel that a paper needs to be changed. The majority of services state that this option is free of charge in case you use it within several days after delivery.

As soon as you confirm that the paper is finished, it is the right time to start working on your dissertation.

Write Your Dissertation With The Help Of A Sample Model

dissertation format
dissertation format

Undoubtedly, you can hand in the paper you’ve ordered if a company doesn’t have any special rules or limitations. Still, the best idea is to work on the sample and:

  • either make some adjustments
  • or prepare your own dissertation using the model

Why do you need to thoroughly check the paper and even create a new one? First of all, it will help you get a deep understanding of the topics in question. Secondly, you will be able to verify all the relevant sources and enhance your knowledge. On top of that, you will get acquainted with the format, and it will be easier to prepare such papers in the future. 


All in all, it is impossible to deny that lots of students are searching for professional writing help nowadays. It is quite difficult to cope with all assignments they have. In most cases, students literally have no chance to prepare them all on time. Multiple companies are glad to create a wide range of papers for comparatively low prices. 

The main question on the agenda is whether using essay writing services should be considered cheating. Most of those who work in the educational sphere state that this approach negatively affects students’ potential. They buy academic papers and hand them in as their own ones. As a result, they don’t learn anything new and have no idea how to create academic assignments independently.

Nevertheless, this statement is always contested. Why? Because those who use such services properly are always benefiting. 

Students who exploit ready papers as sample models:

  • deepen into the topic and get more ideas for their dissertations
  • get a full list of reliable sources without wasting too much time searching for them
  • get used to the format of a paper and, as a result, can easily create the same essays without any help next time

Moreover, all the companies make plagiarism-free papers following the instructions provided by customers. That is why these services are absolutely legal and safe.

Do you still wonder if it is a good idea to order a dissertation? Just give it a try, and you will realize how helpful writing services can be. 

1. Why do plenty of students prefer to ask for professional writing help nowadays?

The majority of students are searching for professional paper help today. They have tons of assignments and always feel that it is impossible to complete them all on time. Most writing companies provide plagiarism-free papers for relatively low prices. That is why students use their help and save time to spend it on the things they enjoy.

2. Is it legal to buy college research papers?

This topic is still quite controversial. As students and professors often mistakenly believe that it is cheating to ask for paper help. Nevertheless, this statement isn’t true. Because writing companies offer individually crafted and unique samples written by customers’ guidelines. Such services are ethical, legit, and totally safe. 

3. How to choose a reliable writing company?

There is indeed a wide range of writing services available on the market nowadays. However, not all companies are trustworthy. Students may face lots of issues while searching for reliable service. The best idea is to check multiple reviews written by professionals and ensure that a company you want to cooperate with meets all the criteria. 

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