What is the Best Reddit Essay Writing Service?

Reddit is a global platform, attracting millions of users daily all over the world. The reasons for using this website are diverse. Companies employ the platform to discover interested audiences. People often look for reviews and opinions about particular brands. Anyway, Reddit covers various needs and interests. In my reviews, I often recommend browsing customer feedback on websites like Reddit as you can find reviews on some popular essay writing services there as well as on freelance writers. For some students, Reddit writing help is essential. But before turning to an individual essay writer or custom writing service, you need to find out how to identify a trustworthy one.

However, Reddit reviews are not the only reason people visit the website. While the platform is mostly used for entertainment, about 17% of users employ it to gain information for making their purchase decisions. This fact makes it one of the most influential platforms. You can share your opinion and experience with other users as well as look for customer feedback or tell about your own services. Reddit includes various “subreddits” – posts organized into one topic, where you can ask questions or interact with other users. 

In this article, I will touch upon how to discover the best Reddit essay writing services and other ways to get writing help.

Reddit Writing Help – How to Use Subreddits

Sometimes, Reddit is perceived as a separate world that lives by its own code. The truth is that this platform has a massive impact on millions of users all over the world. Thus, 52 million people visit the website every day to receive honest feedback or assistance. On subreddits, you can find not only recommendations on good essay writing services but also some individual freelance writers who are ready to handle your paper. I do not really recommend opting for this solution as freelancers usually cannot provide legal guarantees or a decent level of anonymity. But for some, it can be a real way out. 

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Anyway, returning to subreddits, anyone can upvote or downvote them. So, Reddit is good for sharing views and opinions, but almost all the user content on the website is subjective. I will discuss this issue in more detail below. However, it is not a secret that there are also quite many fake reviews distributed by competitors. Yet, it is not a reason to question everything on the platform as millions of people cannot be wrong. 

Let’s look into some popular subreddits where you can find essay writing assistance.


This subreddit aims at providing (mainly) free writing help in a variety of disciplines – from History to Programming. You can hardly find there anyone who can do your homework for you. Instead, you can ask any question when you are stuck with your assignment or when you need a piece of advice from a more experienced user. 

In theory, anyone can publish a post there. On the top of this subreddit, you can find the relevant information on how to organize a post correctly. Yet, they recommend employing Google first as you can discover a lot via basic search. The subreddit is still active and is regularly updated, so do not hesitate to use it.

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The subreddit is not that active as it used to be. Yet, it is still in use, so you can find some trusted (as they claim) paper writing services. The Paper Market may look a lot like a real market with diverse custom writing services. The posts on this subreddit come down to users’ brief orders that include descriptions of what they need. Here is the example:

“5k words on the usage of 3d printers in construction. Deadline is in 10 days. Dm me”.

This subreddit may be quite helpful if you need a quick recommendation on a writing service. Plus, it contains a lot of useful information for those who have never turned to custom writing assistance before.


Visit this subreddit, if you are looking for an individual essay writer. A lot of academic freelance writers offer their services with a hashtag [For Hire]. This subreddit was created by Prescott Papers. It is well-organized and provides some useful guidelines for beginners. The information is updated regularly and most of the posts are upvoted. This subreddit is a great example of how a commercially oriented topic on Reddit can attract thousands of users.

The Best Essay Writing Services on Reddit 

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Some essay writing services use Reddit to reach out to their customers. They can create subreddits or offer their services to those in need of writing assistance. People on the platform are quite sensitive to reviews when it comes to discussing a particular company’s reputation. Thus, Reddit appears to be a good tool for reputation management. Some platforms even give discounts or promo codes to their customers if they publish reviews on the website.

Let’s pay attention to some examples of how it works.

Adam Huler 

This essay writing service is a brilliant example of how a custom writing brand can gain traction on Reddit. The company upholds a reputation as one of the best Reddit writing services. They have their own subreddit that may be pretty useful for students, seeking paper writing help. This is definitely not the cheapest essay writing service out there but it has been around for more than 10 years and gained a sufficient base of social proof and positive feedback. The Reddit reviews are also mainly positive. The company employs the platform to interact with the customers and this approach pays its way.


This is a great example of how brand loyalty is cultivated. On Reddit, you can find some positive reviews about PaperHelp, one popular negative one, and the real feedback from a writer who used to work for the company. Fake positive reviews are a common practice on any website of this kind. And it is the same for the negative ones. One bad review can spoil a reputation, especially if it is well-organized and based on facts. However, some are not to be above fabricated stories. And it was the case for PaperHelp until their employee put in two cents worth:

I am working for PaperHelp as a writer. And I am from USA. I have to admit that I have not participated in any Reddit discussions since my registration. However, I can’t be silent when all of you are manipulated by BrenDrew’s fake review!!

PaperHelp helps students when they don’t have enough time to write papers and it’s awesome. I love working with these people cause they are friendly and always there when I need support with orders. Try it once to feel the quality, and don’t be surprised when it’s pretty high 🙂


It is a decent essay writing service, primarily oriented for admission papers such as application essays, personal statements, letters of intent, scholarship essays, etc. The platform has a great reputation on the Internet and Reddit reviews (as well as reviews on other platforms) confirm this fact. However, their writing services do not come down to admission writing. Over 50 types of assignments are available on their website. Users usually emphasize the high-quality of papers along with prompt customer support and solid discounts.

In Wrapping Up

Reddit is great for sharing reviews, experiences, and asking for help. People are quite responsive there if you succeed to find an appropriate subreddit. But every coin has two sides. There are a lot of freelance writers on the platform. And as mentioned above, they cannot provide guarantees compared with those provided by legitimate custom writing services. Of course, we got used to thinking that people take care of their reputations. But it is so easy to hide the identity on the web and go on cheating. 

As for professional and legitimate essay writing companies, they still operate in the grey zone. What does it mean? Students are often disproved for using them. So, you may wonder how you can turn to essay writing assistance if there are so many ways to indicate the fact of using it. And is it actually legal to get the help of this kind? The answer is ambitious. I touched upon this issue in one of my previous articles. Make sure to check it out before collaborating with any essay writer. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of dead subreddits on Reddit. Plus, inactive users or companies are still present. So, sometimes, it is necessary to dig deeper to find what you need. 

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