10 Criteria to Select a Pro Essay Writing Service Online

Students write essays and other types of papers all the time. When you enter the university you know that the paperwork is part of academic life. And in theory, I bet you are ready to take it more or less. But in practice, sometimes, it is unbearable to write all of these assignments. Keeping in mind all other tasks and activities modern students have to perform, essay writing can become the last straw. That is why some would opt for professional essay writing services.

Overall, there are multiple benefits of using paper writing services. They can save your time, help with proofreading or editing your assignments, and provide expertise in various subjects. Supposing you have to produce an essay at the end of the semester and you have a really good idea but you lack time or inspiration to put it into words to impress your readers. Well, in this case, you do not need to wear yourself out because there are always a lot of good online essay writers that can help you produce a brilliant paper.

However, apart from trustworthy platforms, you may happen across an inferior essay writing service that will spoil your reputation by providing low-quality papers. To find a reliable company, you need to do some research first as it will allow you to save money in the future. Plus, one should address a range of ethical issues before entrusting someone else to write their assignment. 

Anyway, the key to success here is being aware of the parameters on which you can rely on selecting an essay writing service online. Thus, we will go through all of the factors you should consider while seeking expert essay writing assistance.

Top 10 Criteria to Choose a Pro Essay Writing Service 

We can talk about how to identify a reliable custom writing company forever, discussing various pointers and markers. But in practice, all of them come down to ten main criteria. Make sure to check them before prioritizing any essay writer.

1. Reputation


As they say, “A good name keeps its luster in the dark”. Thus, it is extremely difficult to uphold a decent reputation if a company cheats on its customers. If you are looking for a pro essay writer, check out the writing services that have succeeded to earn the trust of students. Trust is a powerful thing that contributes to loyalty, higher customer satisfaction rate, and company revenue. If customers lack it, the business is destined for failure. 

Before dealing with any company, observe their website, Terms and Conditions, ‘About Us’ section, the legal terms (where it is registered, whether it is legal, how it operates, etc.), and guarantees. Plus, check reviews on authoritative platforms such as SiteJabber, Reddit, or TrustPilot. Do not rely on the customer feedback placed on the company’s website. They usually select the best reviews, hiding the worst.

2. Expertise

Another important indicator of a pro essay writing service is the professionalism of its writers. This is one of the most difficult things to detect but there are some markers to help you. First, pay attention to samples of papers. A trustworthy company always provides samples on the website. By looking through them, you will be able to indicate their level of proficiency and expertise. Second, find out the list of subjects the service deals with. Not every platform can handle assignments in particular disciplines. Third, check out the categories of writers you can collaborate with via the website. Essay writing services usually hire ENL (native) and ESL writers. They can also vary in terms of academic levels (BA, MA, PhD). And finally, the essay companies typically divide their authors into three categories – Basic, Advanced, and Top – according to customer ratings.

3. The variety of writing services


A good essay writing platform always does its best to expand the range of writing services and writers’ diversity. Delve into the types of papers they offer. Even if you need a basic essay or research paper, the range of assignments can tell much about the way a particular company contributes to customer satisfaction and its own expertise. 

The custom writing niche is growing from year to year. So, to stay competitive businesses have to be up to date, covering new services and activities based on the customer demands and feedback. Essays of different types, term papers, research papers, reports, coursework, presentations, dissertations, and reviews are the most frequent genres every decent essay writing service can handle. More advanced options can even master resumes, ghostwriting, and web writing. Browse the list of services and extras provided before placing an order.

4. Quality

Turning to any custom writing service, we expect to get what we pay for – the paper, meeting all of the initial requirements. Professionalism means a lot in this industry, but a more important thing is the capability to provide high-quality assignments. And it is not only about following your instructions, a decent paper is always based on reliable, authoritative resources, formatted and organized correctly, and delivered on time. Plus, you should search for proof that your work is 100% unique. Plagiarism seriously jeopardizes your reputation and leads to unpleasant consequences. Thus, do not hesitate to require a plagiarism report and look for an opportunity to get compensation if a writer fails to deliver a unique assignment.

5. A writer choice feature 

As mentioned above, pro essay writing services hire different writers to meet diverse customer needs. A decent company always provides an opportunity to collaborate with an author who has an appropriate qualification, proficiency, degree, and rating. Some platforms publish ratings of the best writers on the main page, others allow accessing it after placing an order. If you do not have any preferences, your task will be assigned to the basic author who can be an ESL writer. So, prioritize platforms that have a writer choice feature and provide a private communication channel between you and an author. You need to be able to contact them to monitor your order.

6. Guarantees 


A reputable company always ensures the quality of its work, providing essential guarantees. What do they imply? First and foremost, this is compensation which you can get in several cases, including the following:

  • Late delivery;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Inferior quality;
  • Non-compliance with instructions, etc.

The full list of cases when you can get a refund is usually available on the website, in the Terms and Conditions section. Take into account that in some situations, you will be eligible for partial compensation.

7. Affordability 

Essay writing services vary in prices as well as in overall pricing flexibility. There are always affordable options for almost every budget. Comparatively cheap writing services can provide decent papers too. So, spend some time digging deeper to compare prices and features. Plus, pricing flexibility means the platform provides some free extras, discounts, or a loyalty program to make its services more affordable. 

Tip: Sometimes, it is possible to get a promo code by contacting a support manager via live chat. Do not hesitate to ask for it.

8. User experience

You could hear a famous saying “Do not judge a book by its cover”. In the case of essay writing services, you should forget what you have been taught if you want to find a reliable platform. Just answer a question, “Can the company afford to hire good writers if it cannot afford a user-friendly website?” As a rule, reputable companies tend to invest in the user experience as their revenue depends on it.

9. Free revisions 


If a company does not provide free revisions at all, avoid using its services. Why? First of all, every reputable platform has to give you an opportunity to refine your papers. Sometimes, it is difficult to make your work perfect from the first attempt, especially if you order a research paper or even a dissertation. Thus, free revisions ensure that you have more chances to get a perfect assignment.  

10. Customer service

The Wunderman Thompson study confirms that 56% of users would prioritize the company that understands their needs and provides prompt feedback. Every up-to-date essay writing platform provides multiple channels for getting customer support. And in most cases, it is available 24/7. You may need assistance at any time when dealing with custom writing. So, check the response time by contacting customer support before placing an order.

In Wrapping Up

Finding a reliable essay writing service that ensures professional assistance can be challenging. There are a lot of platforms that lack work ethics and simply do not come up to scratch. On the other hand, many companies in this niche are legal and tend to provide decent writing services. The point is to sift out ashes from cinders. As soon as you know the essential criteria for selecting an essay writing service, you are prepared to enter the world of custom writing with all its risks and benefits.

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