How to Check If an Essay Writing Service is Trustworthy or Not?


Trustworthy or Not
Trustworthy or Not

There are a great many ways to upgrade your academic performance. You can hire a tutor, take online courses, or attend training. Spending days in a library and trying to cope with a lot of homework is also a way out for many students. But focusing on what we have to do we forget about what we want. Not every student is willing to waste his/her youth beavering away at homework. That is why one may opt for essay writing services. While this is a popular alternative, universities strictly criticize this approach. However, some students do not see a better way out.

Modern students take part in numerous activities beside study. Academic and culture clubs, debate teams, arts, volunteer work, and sports are just some examples from a long list of practices students are involved in. Apart from that, some of them have to earn a living and pay for their education. Thus, essay writing services become increasingly popular. Overall, there are a lot of reasons to benefit from this niche. Such platforms can not only write a paper for you but also edit and proofread your own essays providing correct formatting and useful guidelines.

But how to find out which essay writing service is reliable? In this article, we will sort out the ways you can identify a trustworthy website to write your essay.

Reasons for Using Essay Writing Services

An average college student spends up to 45 hours per week doing homework. But your life does not come down to writing assignments. Students have a lot of interests and particular needs. Many of them also have part-time jobs. Straddling both worlds is a challenging task, so there are a lot of reasons for turning to professional help. Let’s consider the most significant of them.

It saves your time

When you are a student, 24 hours a day is never enough to handle all the tasks. Essay writing services take the most time-consuming part of them upon themselves. So, this is the primary reason why students turn to these platforms. Instead of writing all these assignments, you can do whatever you want avoiding stress related to submissions. Apart from that, some people prefer to delegate just a part of their papers to custom writing services while producing others by themselves. Meanwhile, you can benefit from only editing and proofreading services, if you do not have enough time to polish your papers.

Writers can adopt your writing style

Writing style
Writing style

Your writing style makes you special. And it also helps your teachers to distinguish one student from another. Your paper can be good or bad but it is possible to recognize whether it is written for you by someone else. However, if you deal with a reputable essay writing service, professionals can adopt your style. By providing clear instructions and samples of your own papers you can be sure that the final assignment will be fit with your manner of writing and other criteria. The reliable essay writing services can ensure a personalized approach and employ different tones of voice for various papers. And as a rule, they practice what they preach.

Tight deadlines are not a problem

Quite often students pull out all the stops to meet a deadline. Unfortunately, they do not always succeed as lots of assignments make it challenging. The good news is that you can turn to professional assistance at any time. Trustworthy companies operate around the clock and you can place an order even late at night and get prompt feedback on your task. Essay writing services deal with tight deadlines and do their best to deliver your paper on time. As a rule, the longer deadline is, the cheaper the paper will cost. Thus, if you need to get your assignment completed in a few hours, the price will be higher. There are pricing calculators on many platforms. So, you can find out the cost of your work in a minute. Otherwise, you can contact a support manager to sort out if they are able to handle your task.

Custom writing companies focus on the personalized approach

All reputable essay writing services can boast a personalized approach as this is a great competitive advantage. It means that you can provide detailed instructions on how your paper should be written, and they promise to follow your guidelines carefully. In this regard, you can specify preferred materials and sources, indicate any citation style, and provide recommendations on formatting. Essay writing services also offer various extras such as plagiarism reports to customize your order.

Professional writers are the key pillar of this industry


Every essay writing service is based on professional writers with various degrees and sufficient expertise. When students turn to these companies, they expect that their assignments will be written by writers with relevant backgrounds. Trustworthy essay writing services establish a strict recruitment process to hire the best professionals. It implies that writers should pass exams and confirm their skills and qualifications to get hired. There are different categories of authors that are ranked regarding their expertise and language proficiency. In most cases, you can check their profiles before a particular writer is assigned for your task. As a rule, reliable custom writing companies can produce a paper in any discipline from humanities to computer science.

You can rely on bonuses and extra services

Most custom writing companies tend to make their services affordable as in this case they can attract more customers. In this regard, almost every essay writing service has a loyalty program, offers bonuses or free extras. The loyalty program implies a discount that depends on the number of received and previously paid pages. The percentage of a discount varies between 5-15%. Besides, most companies allow new customers to benefit from promo codes for the first order. Some essay writing services can also boast a referral program that gives you different bonuses if you invite your friends to use a particular platform.

How to Identify a Trustworthy Essay Writing Service?

While searching for a trustworthy online essay writing service, many students do not have a clear understanding of how to identify a reliable company. I do not recommend you trusting all these promises listed on the main page as they can turn out to be empty words. If you seek professional assistance, pay attention to the facts and policies. What can you do to select the best and reliable option? 

1. Consider the type of work and your academic level

To find out whether a particular company can actually handle your task, you need to check the types of works and academic levels it deals with. Most essay writing services tend to target a broad audience. So, they deal with assignments for all academic levels and provide even business writing services. But there is also a possibility to stumble across the platform that excludes certain types of papers. So, you’d better check it in advance. There are several ways of doing this. For example, you can use a pricing calculator on the main page where the list of available assignments is provided. Or you can contact a support agent to determine if they can produce a particular assignment. The third way is to look through the Terms and Conditions. The list of available services is always there.

2. Check the guarantees on plagiarism-free content

Checking guarantees
Checking guarantees

It is not a secret that some custom writing companies provide inferior papers or even resell previously written assignments. In this case, there is a risk of facing plagiarism. Thus, before dealing with any platform, make sure it provides only unique content. Of course, every company claims that your work will be free of plagiarism. However, it is not a guarantee but lip service. To find out the truth, check the Terms and Conditions. Several essay writing services allow some percentage of plagiarism (up to 10%). And for some students, it is unacceptable.

3. Find out if it is possible to manage your order

Sometimes, it is critical to keep things under control. Especially if you have something bigger than a simple essay to be written. Thus, you need to make sure that a particular essay writing service can provide prompt and straightforward interaction with a writer and a support manager. Even if you have provided detailed instructions, taking them into account all at once is difficult. Yet, people are not robots. So, you might recall additional details and you need to have an opportunity to make some remarks at any time. This aspect often depends on the quality of customer service. Thus, contact them to get feedback and do not hesitate to be insistent.

4. Consider the writer’s proficiency

There are different types of writers. And every reputable custom writing service has more than one to choose from. For example, there are ESL and ENL writers. The first category refers to authors who are not native speakers. Still, they can produce well-worked assignments thanks to their expertise but the language could be less natural. On the other hand, ENL writers are native speakers who have relevant degrees and experience. Their language skills allow them to adopt a particular writing style with ease. ENL writers are more expensive but as a rule, they are worth their money. So, if you want a native author to work on your assignment, you have to clarify it via live chat.

5. Look through policies


Every legal custom writing service should provide sufficient guarantees. You can find them in the Terms and Conditions. Thus, you have to pay close attention to the Privacy Policy, Revision Policy, and Refund Policy. These three sections are the most important things to check before placing an order. The Privacy Policy should ensure that all of your personal details are secure and that the company is not eligible to disclose them. The Revision Policy should guarantee that you can revise and refine your papers at least several times for free. If a custom writing service does not provide free revisions, there is a strong reason to reject it. The Refund Policy determines cases when you can get your money back. Thus, late delivery, plagiarism, mistakes are situations when you should request compensation.

6. Browse customer feedback

A good reputation is worth its weight in gold in this niche. Thus, before making a decision on a particular essay writing service, check customer reviews. While some companies buy fake positive reviews, it is often easy to recognize them. Thus, if there is a lot of negative feedback on a platform and some positive comments, it is a reason to seek other options. Reviews can reveal things you cannot check before receiving a paper. For example, quality, consistency, uniqueness, and compliance with deadlines are what customers usually comment on.


Writing essays is a kind of art. But when the art turns into a habit, the inspiration and enthusiasm vanish. Thus, by the end of a semester, many students feel being at the end of their rope. There is a false narrative that burnout is the problem of professionals spending much time at work. Achieving academic success is a hard job too. In this regard, many students have to cope with this burnout. No bones are broken if you turn to professional assistance. Trustworthy essay writing services can render this essential aid. That is why it is important to gain expertise to figure out which one is worth your time and money.

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